Local law enforcement is under attack by forces of federalism and by those wishing to promote a globalist form of egalitarian rule.

If it seems hard to understand the constant attacks on local policing efforts by leftist politicians, you need look no farther than a 70 + year scheme to federalize all law enforcement, with the ultimate goal of ending all local autonomy.

Federal cops are not accountable to local citizens and therefore can be more easily controlled by, and used as a tool of, an authoritarian government.

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Guest: Randy Sutton is a 33-year law enforcement veteran. (Home – The Wounded Blue). He served 10 years with the Princeton (N.J.) Police Department and 23 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, retiring at the rank of lieutenant. He is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in the LVMPD history, receiving awards for valor, community service, exemplary service, and lifesaving. He has trained thousands of American law enforcement officers in the subject of “Policing with Honor,” and has received the Points of Light award from the President of the United States. Sutton is the author of “True Blue: Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them,” “A Cop's Life,” “True Blue: To Serve and Protect,” and “The Power of Legacy: Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People.” His web site is www.thepoweroflegacy.com.

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American institutions of autonomous local law enforcement, such as the County Sheriff, best protect constitutional rights, standing squarely in the way of big brother government planners that seek total control.

When you look at historical events from a forensic perspective, the dots connect that tie autonomous local policing with original intent and rule of law as a constitutional republic………….the nemesis of totalitarians and statists.

The Viet Nam War was a gold mine for the CIA's Black Ops when the CIA's Air America became the single largest transport source of narcotics in the world, generating billions in off-the-books income for Big Brother.

The CIA's Hegelian plan produced the desired results and a whole new problem/reaction/solution “war on drugs” added a law enforcement component that was initially national and rapidly became international in scope, capitalizing on human addictions for profit.

Newly devised forfeture laws, incentivising police to turn a blind eye to violations of constitutional law while local police forces were quickly brought under the Federal umbrella through various funding programs that escalated from an occasional grant to a significant part of annual police budgets to already cash strapped and understaffed local police departments.

The events of 9/11 brought The War on Terror and Department of Homeland Security which ratcheted up the process of nationalized police powers under the grossly mis-named Patriot Act.

As the War on Drugs and the War on Terror escalated they became more violent, demanding militarized modes of policing with a completely different approach to conventional police work including: SWAT teams, bomb squads, sniper teams, armored personnel carriers, forever changing public perception of police work from “to protect and serve” to “enforcement and control”.

When analyzing the cause and effects of the “War on Drugs” and War on Terror, it is noteworthy to see the remarkable increase in all manner of criminality including: murder, rape, prostitution, human trafficking, theft, arson, criminal gangs, extortion, bombings and the close connections between the CIA, American political leadership, international criminal cartels and the multi-trillion dollar slime trail connecting them.

Increasingly politicized are Federal Law Enforcement, Justice Department and our multi-tiered court system that all seem to openly promote the leftist side of the political spectrum, exposing a bias specifically forbidden under our US Constitution.

We have drifted from a system based on justice to a system based on Just Us, but only if you are part of the ruling elite clique.

Rule of law has become Law of Rulers, and recent disclosures from the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of Governent show a frightening nexus between corrupt politicians and weaponized Federal Law Enforcement.

We can no longer depend on the Feds to act impartially on our behalf and are increasingly dependent on local law enforcement that is under attack by the very same people selling the idea of weaponizing Federal Law Enforcement as the best alternative to address public safety concerns.

Local law enforcement is by far the best way to protect our individual rights while simultaneously providing public safety under Rule-Of-Law.

The drift toward federal police powers under centralized control, command, and coordination are part of a well planned scheme to destroy individual rights and local autonomy from authoritarian rule.

Our nation is under attack by international collectivist forces that will use any means at their disposal to destroy traditional ideas and rule of law under our American system of government.

Sadly, many of the internationalists are within our borders and occupy some of our highest offices in elected and appointed government. We must refuse to allow the demonization of local law enforcement.

We must restore public trust, but must do so by exposing those within the system that seek control through political narrative and manufacturing of facts.

We must demand accountability, but accountability that is not manipulated to divide and conquer us from within by outside forces selling fear as a reason to take our liberty.

Let's restore the power for local police to serve and protect and end the federal police power of an all powerful authoritarian state.

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