This week we are going to be looking into the many issues facing us as a nation, and consider Montana's role as a pioneer state and land of great resources.  Those resources include the many freedom loving patriots and their families that inhabit the Treasure State and strive to retain the many God given (unalienable) rights that have been part of our uniquely American culture since the nation's founding.  The greatest resource of any nation is the people who live there and their qualities as resourceful, independent, responsible, intelligent, God fearing citizens with a desire to improve the lives of their families and the communities around them.

We call that the American spirit, and it is incomprehensible to a new generation of young Americans raised, educated and indoctrinated into a system of alien ideology known as Marxism or Fabian socialism.

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GUESTS: Randal Pinocci – Public Service Commissioner – District 1 in North Central and Eastern Montana.
Theresa Manzella – Montana Senate District 44
Brad Tschida – HD 97 Montana Legislature
Martin Lynch – Process Engineering Degree ASU (Post Grad MBA & Law)

For the past hundred years the concept of constitutional republicanism and individualism has been increasingly marginalized by academia until our children no longer understand the concept of individual rights and personal responsibility; adopting instead the ideas of Marxist professors and ideologues hell bent on “fundamentally transforming” America into a society of victims and exploited people incapable of standing on their own without someone else telling them what to do and think…… least on the East and Left Coasts of America.

Luckily for America and the rest of the free world we have what Hillary Clinton referred to as “flyover country” (home of the deplorables), the majority of the American land mass/people who still believe in the American dream and an understanding that hard work and entrepreneurial spirit can transform our lives in ways the cradle to grave dependency cannot understand or duplicate.  The only way that collectivists can reconcile their beliefs with reality is to snuff out those of us who disprove their ideas on a daily basis with our success.  Kill success and force everyone to live in a failed system where there are no examples of free markets to expose the inherent flaws of socialism.  That is the only way that socialism can be made successful.

Montana and many of the Middle-American states were settled by folks who were willing to make whatever sacrifice was necessary to carve out their piece of the American pie so their children and grandchildren could live in a free and prosperous society.  Built on the blood, sweat and tears of honest God fearing pioneers, many of these rural communities still carry the torch of freedom and their progeny know what hard work and personal responsibility are all about.

We are however, facing the same enemies of freedom that control most of the financial and industrial centers of what is left of America.  Our Federal leviathan in Washington D.C. has been shredding our Constitution and Bill of Rights for decades, leaving “fly-over” states little choice but to fight back with the same Constitution that the “progressives” are working overtime to destroy or re-write to suit their collective purposes.

Montana and many rural states are fighting for their lives and increasingly rely on their more pro-freedom State Legislators to draft and pass legislation meant to slow or stop the federal onslaught.  Today we will talk with some who understand the need to protect citizens and promote ideas that restore freedom and personal responsibility.

Cornerstones of American exceptionalism include the right to speak openly and the right to freely associate without harassment or censorship.  We will look at Legislative efforts to protect those unalienable rights.

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Randy PinocciRandal Pinocci – Public Service Commissioner – District 1 in North Central and Eastern Montana.  Pinocci is married with 3 daughters, lives in Sun River and works as a property manager throughout Cascade County.  He previously served as a State Legislator for House District 19, served as Statewide Director for Senator Conrad Burns, worked as a Statewide Coordinator for candidates for Governor, US Senate, and US Congress and is very active in State GOP politics.

Randy worked side by side with NRA Director Charlton Hesston and State Republican Chair Ken Miller to establish the first Second Amendment Committee in the US, and is a Board Member actively involved with the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the most proactive 2nd amendment support organization in America.  Pinocci is a BOARD MEMBER of Freedom Force International and a frequent speaker at the Red Pill Expo and at Red Pill University on the subject: “Why fight City Hall when you can be City Hall”.  Randy is a member and leadership Fellow of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University.


Theresa Manzella - Montana Senate District 44Theresa Manzella – Montana Senate District 44 was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised with a strong sense of personal responsibility and hard work leading to success.  She became the youngest process supervisor of a major electrical components supplier for General Motors and after a trip to Montana in 1991 decided that the Treasure State was a natural fit for love of open spaces and pioneer spirit.  Theresa is a equestrian of national renown and has won numerous national championships in reining competitions.  Theresa has served in the Montana State Legislature as both a member of the House and Senate and is know for her integrity, uncommon common sense, grit and dedication to the founding principles that made America great.


Martin LynchMartin Lynch – Process Engineering Degree ASU (Post Grad MBA & Law)

30 Years successful Aerospace experience correcting dysfunctional processes using the scientific method.  Hoenywell, UTC Pratt and Whitney, Boeing (787 & 737)

Utilize skill set to correct dysfunctional process in Family, Guardianship, and Juvenile CPS Courts.  Now focused on restoring Freedom of Speech.  Without open debate on all sides of issue, our entire system of Government fails.

Martin Lynch

Brad TschidaBrad Tschida – HD 97 Montana Legislature

Brad Tschida’s Background – 12 years of experience as a teacher and administrator: allows me unique perspectives on successful educational strategies and outcomes.

Served as House Majority Leader during the 2019 Legislative Session.

As a former business owner, I understand that businesses, NOT governments, create strong communities and economic prosperity.

My supporters include Liberals, Libertarians, Independents and Conservatives because they know my proven ability to attain common sense solutions among multiple groups


Views expressed by our guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of our host, producers, sponsors and The Patriot Soapbox Network. We strive to make all information truthful and informative to our listeners, but do not suppress the right of our guests to express views that may not be in conformity with mainstream opinion.
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