At the UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 a program of sustainable development known as UN Agenda 21 was introduced to an unsuspecting world. This far ranging UN program called for a complete transformation of society wherein private property, individual liberty, and God given (unalienable) rights would no longer exist and mankind would succumb to a totalitarian one world socialist/Marxist government that would control every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. This draconian scheme calls for a rewilding of America that returns 50% of all land to Pre-Columbian wilderness off limits to humans, with 70% of all remaining land restricted to very limited human use and activities.

Western ranchers natural resource producers are targeted for elimination with virtually all public and private lands in the Western US becoming wilderness. This includes lands that have been owned and worked by the same families for 5 or more generations.

This whole program seems so ridiculous that it would have been inconceivable to most Americans even 2 generations ago. However, 80+ years of indoctrination in government run schools promoting Marxism and progressive socialism has dumbed down American youth who are falling in line just like so many lemmings headed for the cliffs.

This week's Connecting the Dots radio program will examine the attacks on the West by radical environmental non-governmental organizations and the many useful idiots occupying the administrative state offices of the Federal government who are part and parcel of the “deep state” promoting globalism and one world government.

We will identify the causes and effects of an out-of-control Federal and International leviathan hell-bent on eliminating our national and individual sovereignty under their schemes to control mankind under totalitarian collectivist programs masquerading as sustainable development.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic.

Ammon Bundy will be a keynote speaker at our upcoming RED PILL EXPO program that will be happening from November 7th thru November 9th in Mesquite, Nevada at the Rising Star Sports Ranch Hotel and Convention Center Click here to learn more or to purchase tickets for this eye-opening event.

Ammon Earl Bundy – was born in 1975 in Nevada, the son of Cliven Bundy, and his birth mother, Jane Marie Brown Bundy. Bundy owns a truck repair company and was listed as a member of several Arizona companies.

Bundy has a wife, Lisa, as well as three daughters and three sons.

Bundy was a central figure in the Bundy/Bunkerville standoff against heavily armed BLM Agents who had confiscated the Bundy cattle and destroyed developed stock water facilities in retaliation for unpaid Federal grazing fees that were deemed unconstitutional by Cliven Bundy.

He was also a central figure in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation in protest to a double jeopardy prison sentence handed down to Dwight and Steven Hammond for a wildfire mitigation incident on federal land near the Hammond Ranch in Oregon.

The Malheur occupation and subsequent law enforcement actions resulted in the death of Rancher Levoy Finicum and the arrest and trial of Bundy and numerous occupier defendants that ended in nearly unanimous not guilty verdicts in a Portland Federal Court.

Ammon, Cliven, Ryan Bundy as well as several other defendants were then sent to Nevada to face additional criminal charges and were incarcerated for the next 18 months until their trial in Nevada Court for their roles in the 2014 Bundy standoff. The men were charged with 16 felony counts: one count of “conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States”; one count of “conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer”; four counts of “using and carrying a firearm in relation to a crime of violence”; two counts of “assault on a federal officer”; two counts of “threatening a federal law enforcement officer”; three counts of “obstruction of the due administration of justice”; two counts of “interference with interstate commerce by extortion”; and one count of “interstate travel in aid of extortion.”[21]

On December 20, 2017, Federal judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the Bundy case, citing gross misconduct by the federal government. In her ruling, Judge Navarro stated, “The court does regrettably believe a mistrial in this case is the most suitable and only remedy….” The primary example related to a claim made by defendant Ryan Bundy, who claimed that there were snipers around the property, and that they called for backup only because they felt threatened and isolated. The federal government denied this. Later in the trial, a witness confirmed the presence of a federal videotape, proving that snipers were in fact on the property. This, along with five other pieces of evidence, would have greatly affected the trial. Judge Navarro ruled that “the government falsely represented the camera that was on the Bundy house was incidental, not purposeful.” She stated that the U.S. Attorney's office (which prosecuted the case) knew of this evidence, but would not acknowledge it. This, she decided, violated due process.

On January 8, 2018, Judge Gloria Navarro declared the mistrial to be with prejudice, effectively dismissing the charges, on the grounds that the defendants could not receive a fair trial.

(Excerpts taken from Wikipedia)

Cliven Bundy American Patriot
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