Several months ago, Mike Lindell, founder of My and role model for patriotism, personal responsibility, entrepreneurism and promoting American exceptionalism, made a widely viewed film called “Absolute Proof” that demonstrated how the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged by domestic and foreign interests to achieve a pre-planned win in favor of the Biden/Harris ticket.

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Guests: Alan Jones & Mary Fanning – Mary were absolutely central in putting together the statistical data, computer networking data, all the stuff that was involved in Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof and the new Documentary Absolute Interference.
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With the help of a team of widely acknowledged experts in the fields of computer science, statistics, electioneering, voter fraud, and cyber warfare, Lindell created a very credible documentary analysis of the most unusual events that led to a narrow win by the cognitive challenged Biden/Harris ticket in the 2020 Presidential Selection over the very popular America First President, Donald J. Trump. In fact Lindell's documentary film was so credible that it was very quickly banned by many of the social media giants who are openly censoring and banning free speech all over the world as they brazenly boast of their hijacking the election within the pages of propaganda rags like Time Magazine.

Lindell has followed that film with an even more conclusive film called “Absolute Interference” that we are honored to present during our Connecting the Dots podcast on the Patriots SoapBox Network.

Alan Jones and Mary Fanning are investigative journalists with a well deserved reputation for uncovering fraud, corruption and political intrigue at the very highest levels of government. Known for connecting the dots between events and the enormously powerful players behind the scenes that buy/influence politicians, control academia, own the mainstream media, and are the ultimate powers behind the throne, Mary and Alan have exposed some of the most corrupt people, ideas and programs hamstringing liberty in America and around the world.

Although the Downstream Media has completely sold out to the Marxists now in control of our Federal Government, there is undeniable and overwhelming evidence of election fraud that is barely being kept under the rug……..even many moderate Democrat voters are beginning to see the light and question the ethics of the left.

It is time for a resurgence of integrity and citizen participation in the American system of government. Although many of our citizens have been brainwashed with the socialist claptrap of an academia steeped in Marxist ideology, Americans are beginning to realize that acceptance of corruption will not cure the evils of society, it will only make them worse….much worse.

We are trapped by the progressive elements of a two party system that pretends to give us choice when in fact it gives us only the choice that the elite preselect for us. That is why so many in the Republican Party seem to have much in common with liberal Democrats as soon as the elections are over. We will never have another fair election as long as we allow the corruption to continue. A complete expos'e and overhaul of the system must happen now if we hope to survive as a constitutional republic. We must insist on fair and transparent elections and not predetermind political selections.

Please watch this patriotic film and share it with everyone you know before it is taken down by the controlled social media of the left. Please support efforts to bring integrity back into our election process and support social media that does not censor or ban free speech by signing up to: The best way to defeat the left is to quit giving them your money and support. Just say NO and become one of the elightened few that help to restore the American system of self government.

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at Washing Times Communities.

Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security.  Ms. Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.

Because of their extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, their information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones conducted a 15 month investigation of the Port Canaveral deal and the collusion between top Obama Administration officials and foreign nationals that would be considered enemies of America.  Their most recent work has exposed a CIA sponsored program called The Hammer and Scorecard that was intended for use by our intelligence communities to fight the enemies of America.  The software designer, Dennis Montgomery turned over thumb drives full of data showing how the Obama Administration used the Hammer and Scorecard to spy against American citizens and to impact the 2016 election.

Their most recent project was the uncovering and expose’ of massive vote flipping by foreign nationals from around the world; primarily communist China, and research for the documentary film: Absolute Proof

Disclaimer: Views expressed by our guests are not to be considered as endorsed by Dan Happel, producers, sponsors and The Patriot Soapbox Network. We strive to make all information truthful and informative to our listeners, but do not suppress the right of our guests to express views that may not be in conformity with mainstream opinion.  We urge our listeners to check out the information for themselves to discern the truth.