ABSOLUTE PROOF – Video’s & Links of Election Voter Fraud

ABSOLUTE PROOF – Documentary Banned on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Vimeo

Cyber Forensics: Digital Footprints: Which country it came from, the ID of the computer, the IP address of the computer it came from, the IP address of the computer they broke into, how many votes were flipped…  A cyber investigation from November 1st – all the way through the election.  A massive attack on our country by China and other countries.  China did 60% of this.  It as all done through dominion machines and smartmatic machines, that was the tool they used.  The experts that were there, the government insiders, Generals, Colonels…  REAL EVIDENCE – 100% PROOF – Mike Linedell

UNMASKED – 16:29 Minutes



Electronic Voting Systems, Smartmatic, Jimmy Carter, and How an Election was Robbed