Agenda 21 – In Depth, also a brief discussion about the 2nd Amendment Under Fire

Dan’s scheduled guests for this evening were just on their way back to the states from the COP25 conference in Madrid, Spain and asked if they could come on next Sunday instead of this evening. In lieu of tonight’s scheduled guests, Thumper and Dan discuss Agenda 21, along with a replay of a very educational presentation on Agenda 21, and a brief discussion on the 2nd Amendment that is under severe attack in many areas of our country.

This program is a good primer for next week’s show. When Dan was doing the presentations several years ago, many people were stunned, but today it is much easier to see what has been done and what they are still doing, and people are waking up to the deceptions.

The link to the presentation, besides watching it via Patriot’s is at

Sustainable Destruction – Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

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