The planned cashless society is a trap…
Are there ways to created autonomous currencies and digital money that are not a trap?

I am contacted on a daily basis by friends and family concerned about the escalating dollar inflation and the rumors of impending economic collapse at both a national and international level.  Their alarm is well founded, and reflects the lack of faith in the current national and international leadership that has been taking us from one false flag calamity to another, and not by accident.

The proof is in the buying power of the dollar when it was backed by gold and silver versus the value today completely unbacked.  The trick will be in building an asset backed monetary system that functions digitally without vulnerabilities to hacking and control by central banks.  We will look at a few possibilities that might allow that to work.

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Guest:  David Morgan – is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories, and bullion dealers.  He is the publisher of The Morgan Report, a world-class publication designed to build and secure wealth.  He is the author of “The Silver Manifesto” and a featured speaker at investment conferences worldwide.

David Morgan and Kent Lewiss will be at
Where the power of precious metals and the digital economy meet.

Guest:  Kent Lewiss –  is the founder and creator of  He is the CEO of Uncensored Freedom Inc. and Freedom Currency Inc.  He is a Conceptional Software Engineer and a Pure ~ free thinking visionary who is a legit freedom fighting entrepreneur who loves to pay it forward and see people succeed.  Kent’s intent is to work with the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to build out open source marketplaces and circumvent the coming beast system.

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President Franklin Roosevelt is quoted as saying “nothing that happens in government happens by accident.  If it happens you can bet that it was planned that way”.

The sad truth is that since the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we have been part of a planned exercise to steal the wealth of average working and saving Americans through usery (interest) and inflation until no-one owns anything but the bankers and financial elite that designed the system for just that purpose.

In fact, the same process has been practiced all over the world by a very small but elite group of international banksters with one common goal in mind; fleece the public until the whole system is about to collapse, then implode all national fiat currencies in a way that forces everyone to accept a worldwide digital cashless society that these banking elite designed and totally control.  Then they can tie digital money into an international social credit system that forces citizens into total acquiescence and compliance if they want to eat or live; a system of complete servitude.

Our long time political adversaries are also wise to the fix, and although their motives are not much cleaner than the banksters, a group are forming an economic alliance of currencies partially backed by gold known as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) that represent many of the largest gold producers on the planet.

It is difficult to think of communist and socialist countries as holding the high ground in the bankster wars, but they at least make the pretense of basing monetary policy on something other than common theft by fiat.

The noose is certainly tightening around our necks, but there may be ways to survive if we choose to do so.  If enough of us refuse to drink the control grid koolaid and move into asset or commodity backed financial systems, we might maintain a certain level of economic independence, at least for a while.

Blockchain based crypto currencies initially represented a way to leverage technology and retain personal anonymity in the cyber surveillance universe.  It didn't take long and the international banksters caught on and invested hundreds of billions in blockchain and crypto currency research to find ways to hack into the technology.  In fact, hijacked blockchain technology is providing the technological framework for the international banksters digital cashless society that threatens us all.

Are there ways to use this same technology to our advantage outside of the control grid matrix?  Sometimes simpler is better, and a return to ideas of self reliance make us less dependent on the state for survival in hard times.  If America is to survive and prosper in a worldwide system rigged to bring her down, we must start working together to find solutions that work, and for that to happen, solid information is key.

Although most Americans are still in the dark on most issues involving money and credit, they know intuitively that the system is broken and nearing a point of no return.  Podcasts like Connecting the Dots are taking an ever growing market share from the traditional media, bringing these issues before the public in ways not anticipated by the establishment political hacks tied at the hip to big banks.

The Founding Fathers understood the power and potential evil of Central Banks and battled Hamilton and the Federalists, knowing that control of the money meant control of the people.  Our Constitution is specific about the definition of sound money.  Corrupt politicians and the enormous influence of international bankers have destroyed any semblance of monetary stability here or abroad by denying that constitutional logic.  Although there are far more opponents than supporters of returning to gold and silver backed currencies, we are nearing a point where the flawed logic of “full faith and credit” with zero hard asset backing is undeniable.

The proof is in the buying power of the dollar when it was backed by gold and silver versus the value today completely unbacked.  The trick will be in building an asset backed monetary system that functions digitally without vulnerabilities to hacking and control by central banks.  We will look at a few possibilities that might allow that to work.

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