Secular humanism under Marxist leaders and social engineers has transformed America from a Godly to Godless culture with Satanic roots.

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Guest: Sheila Holm is a well know author, an international business advisor and coach, keynote conference speaker, an entrepreneurial trainer and seminar leader.  She has written numerous articles including being featured in Nevada Women Magazine.  A number of her clients as well as business leaders who have hired her or attended her seminars give Ms. Holm the credit for making them successful.  Her client list includes such corporations as Marriott, the United Post Office and Chevron. Her incredible success rate earned Holm the federal contract to provide entrepreneurial training  to the defense and aerospace industries, where she trained engineers and top management from General Dynamics, Hughes and Lockheed.  Ms. Holm also serves as a consultant for small business development centers and is advisor and coach to universities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and government leaders.  Books by Sheila Holm click here

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The secular humanist philosophy of 21st Century academics has accelerated the process of internal decay that is tearing America to pieces.  Although these new age ideas are touted as modern liberal philosophies, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.

We just keep rehashing the same failed political ideologies with new names and slogans while useful idiots of all ages fall for the lies: hook, line, and sinker. “Democracy” with communist roots has existed since Plato's Republic some 2,400 years ago, and although consistently ending in tragedy, some think that just a little tweaking at the hands of more “enlightened leaders” will yield a “new and improved” result for humanity.

They fail to see that the common flaw of socialism is a belief in the infallibility of man's laws versus the laws of God.  I saw this philosophy in play as a child of the 60s and throughout my entire adult life. My Father's family were notably anti-religious, and also notably secular humanist and progressive socialist in their personal philosophy.

For the most part they were well meaning but, like Karl Marx, saw Christianity as the opiate of the masses, and little more than unenlightened superstition.  They were completely convicted of man's ability to create an ideal world with no help from God.  That personal philosophy allowed them to ignore the inconvenient truths that sealed their acceptance of failed political ideologies and made them the willing parrots of weak leaders and Satanic tyrants.

It never occured to them that man came from God, not the other way around, and that the reason for American exceptionalism was the basic understanding that for man to grow and prosper, he must be willing to voluntarily submit to God's laws, not man's.  A belief in Nature's God is a belief in personal freedom.

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are founded on the laws of Nature's God and the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible.  This means that although man can create laws and rules, they should always be in keeping with the absolute truths of God's word.  Understanding that gives us an enormous amount of individual liberty and a sense of personal freedom that is uniquely American.

We only lose those freedoms when we drift away from absolute truth and allow unscrupulous men to control others through assumed powers they should not possess.

With freedom comes the caveat of personal accountability, stewardship of God's kingdom, and charitable responsibility to others, but this must always be voluntary as an overt expression of personal faith.  Think about the connection between faith and freedom. The entire concept of redemption is voluntary, not something created by force or coercion. You cannot be a faithful servant of the Lord without voluntary submission.

Although, as humans, we make mistakes that affect our lives and the lives of others, the freedom to correct those mistakes are much more likely to be in a transformational way when we have the power of discernment, not force, as a guiding principle.  Forcing others to obey ideas and laws that are antithetical to a sense of personal commitment and responsibility are counterproductive and will enslave us as dependent wards of the nanny state Senator Barry Goldwater referred to as ” the Liberal Plantation'.

The poster child of human despotism is Agenda 21/2030 and America's “Green New Deal”. In 1968 an elite group of the world's most wealthy and powerful men met in a villa near Rome to develop a plan for the future of mankind. It was determined by these very powerful and spiritually disconnected men that the Earth's population was outpacing the planet's ability to provide for itself in a world of limited resources.

They decided that all remaining natural resources must be sequestered for use by only their elite families.  They surmised that a unifying theme must be developed and indoctrinated into the masses of humans that would allow draconian control measures to be enacted to stifle economic and resource development for the billions of “useless eaters” that threatened the planet.

Initially, the notion of unifying the world against Space Alien invasion was considered, but rendered as impractical because of too many technological challenges.  Eventually, the idea of unifying the people against the environmental destruction of the planet was considered and approved as a way to mollify all nations into common subservience while simultaneously reducing the future depletion of the natural resources coveted by these men.

These ideas developed by The Club of Rome were scripted in 1972 into a book called The Limits to Growth and were immediately codified into law when Rockefeller acolyte, Richard Nixon, created the EPA, ESA, and began the transformation of Federal Land Agencies from civil servants to bureaucratic masters.  Frankfurt School trained Marxist Professors enlisted SDS and other Marxist campus groups that had been radicalized during the Viet Nam War to transition from anti-war to anti-development and radical environmentalism as a new source of emotional energy.

Although the radical environmental movement was surreptitiously created by the most wealthy and powerful in society for their exclusive benefit, the useful idiots of the left climbed on board with a level of fanatical zeal that surprised nearly everyone.  They promoted ideas that were antithetical to their own self interest and benefited only the most powerful of the elite under the guise of sustainability.

Completely bizarre ideas like having the EPA declare carbon dioxide (the gas of life) a poisonous gas were the outgrowth of a radical movement devoid of real science, but claiming to possess a new religion called environmental science.  A popular meme was “the science is settled” whenever a legitimate debate was suggested, and children from toddler to young adulthood were indoctrinated in a green ideology that failed every legitimate scientific test.

Meanwhile, the secular humanists are calling for radical population reduction, a return to pre-industrial society, and absolute control of everyone, and every aspect of their and our lives.  Why; because “an expert” told them that the only way to save humanity was to control it with an iron fist while simultaneously culling the human herd.

The useful idiots just can't see the forest for the trees and fail to understand that humanity is in a battle for it's very survival against forces of Satanic evil.  Wake Up America while you still have a chance.




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