There is a clear connection of persons, ideas and events that are transitioning America from bastion of freedom to technocratic nightmare.

Welcome to my special Christmas Weekend podcast Presentation and let me help you to Connect the Dots.

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On this Christmas weekend it becomes even more important to realize exactly why we are facing such seemingly overwhelming odds against such very formidable opponents, many whom are difficult to identify, and most which are impossible to comprehend.  To this writer the end game is deadly serious and has been unfolding for 5,000 + years. It's known as the battle between good and evil, and although we know biblically how the story ends, we cannot begin to comprehend the degree of suffering or the human toll that could be exacted during the battle.

Humanism, moral relativism, and a lack of reverence for God has transformed our society in ways that would have been inconceivable to our Founding Fathers.  It has defiled the whole concept of man being created in God's image, making man nothing more than a clever animal and an enemy to the biological universe. It vilifies mankind and opens the door to collectivist ideology that allows a small minority to control the vast majority in the name of the common good.  It destroys independent thought, ownership and personal responsibility in favor of top down control with little value in human life.  It allows such things as eugenics and abortion as acceptable behavior and quite normal while vilifying morality, individualism and personal responsibility as outmoded concepts from a bygone era.

Although many in the freedom movement have spent decades and dedicated untold resources trying to explain the evolution of tyranny to our audiences, many still consider us to be “conspiracy theorists” and choose to ignore many of the most important points that we make about the world we live in.  Almost everyone outside of the freedom movement has a great deal of difficulty “connecting the dots” between a litiny of seemingly unrelated events and the invisible enemies that are destroying America.  Many have a more simplistic world view that makes it almost impossible to tackle complex concepts.

Because of a Marxist controlled education system and mainstream media, cognitive dissonance and outright stupidity has become so commonplace that common sense and deductive reasoning are nearly extinct, replaced by an almost irrational fear of the unknown and the need for conformity and safety at any cost.  With such a narrow frame of reference, Americans are becoming all the things that we held in contempt several generations ago.

I remember as a child trying to understand how anyone could willingly become a Nazi or a Communist, knowing full well that to do so would mean giving up most of your freedom.  I could not then conceive that America 2021 could have fallen so far from the truth and logic that motivated our forefathers.

Over the past several months I put together a PowerPoint program culled from a dozen years of Agenda 21/2030 expose's and the constantly unfolding “big ideas” being promoted by globalists and the deep state denizen that have stripped the United States of most of her liberty and moral strength.  I was supposed to deliver this PowerPoint lecture at the recent Red Pill Expo in Lafayette, LA, but decided to give my time to another speaker that had been invited to speak by G. Edward Griffin, had spent a great deal of time preparing his presentation, but then somehow was overlooked while preparing the program schedule and agenda.

After 7 years doing terrestrial radio and podcasting with some of the most interesting personalities and intellectuals on the planet, the correlations between people, places, events and motivations become clearer by the day.  That's why I named my podcast Connecting the Dots.

The Power Elite, their prostitutes in Elected Office and the bought and paid for lamestream media, deep state technocrats and political ideologues have one thing in common…………they are determined to end the United States of America as a constitutional republic once and for all. They see freedom as a problem and many see mankind and technological achievement as a cancer on earth that must be eliminated as any cost. That is exactly why we must connect the dots and get a large percentage of people worldwide listening to the message of the left.

We do not need to do anything but print their own words and connect their actions to the mountains of cash that have allowed them to buy their opposition, destroy those who refuse, reshape truth into illusion and create a level of chaos and fear that has allowed them to take control of humanity. It is time to connect all the dots and this program will go a long way toward achieving that goal.

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