Have we become America in name only? Are we willing as Americans to stand and resist the forces destroying our republic?

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America In Name Only

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America In Name Only

Charles Cole – has been a lifelong student of the Russian language and of Russian and Soviet culture, history, and politics. He graduated from an intensive, 18-month Russian Course at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California, after which he served in signals intelligence with the Army Security Agency at a border listening post in West Germany monitoring Soviet military radio communications. In 1973, Cole returned to DLI to teach Russian to American military personnel and worked alongside hundreds of former Soviet citizens until retiring in 2002.


Are we really America in name only, or are we still a shining beacon of freedom for the entire world?

If we are to look at America 2024 objectively, it would be very difficult to say that we are more than a small remnant of the great constitutional republic our founders originally crafted.

Has this devolution happened rapidly, or has it been happening subtly over time since our founding.

The most accurate answer is both; we have seen a gradual erosion of our individual liberties since our founding with a rapid acceleration of globalist/collectivist thinking in all major U.S. institutions over the past 35 years.

Within the first decade of our nation George Washington spoke and wrote about the Masonic, Illuminati, and Jocobin forces trying to reshape the direction of our nation in decidedly authoritarian collectivist ways.

Thomas Jefferson who started out in support of the French Jacobins quickly became disenchanted when he realized the depth of evil and bloodshed required to create a communist utopia.

Collectivist thinking was promoted throughout the 19th Century by secular humanist intellectuals like Marx, Hegel and Darwin, but was effectively marginalized by a deeply Christian nation and the successes of American capitalism and free market policies.

With the growing income inequality between rich and poor during the Robber Barons era and the consolidation of powerful monopolies in industry and finance, communist backed labor unionization became popular as a movement during the early 20th Century to guarantee a living wage for the working poor.

John Dewey (the father of progressive education) made collectivist thinking part of the public education system while Marxist Professors kicked out of Hindenburg's Germany, moved the Frankfurt School to Columbia University in 1930 to educate American educators on the “benefits” of communism.

The economic failures of the Great Depression (the 1930s) had a major psychological impact on Americans as millions of Americans lost their personal wealth, jobs, businesses, and their homes.

According to the popular thinking of the time, Franklin Roosevelt became the savior of America through deficit spending and enormous public works projects under a greatly expanded Federal Government. Few realized that Roosevelt's programs were the very reason that the Depression lasted for more than a decade; most thinking him as a hero because of his socialist programs.

Many in my fathers generation became ardent socialists, if not communists, and through a process of gradualism, the colleges and universities became hotbeds of communist propaganda rather than institutions of higher learning.

Communist theorist Antonio Gramsci called this “the long march through the institutions”.

Virtually all major media became agents of leftist ideology during this same timeframe, culminating in very propagandized newsrooms promoting greatly expanded governmental powers.

Following creation of the UN in 1946, a shift from nationalism to globalism became the philosophical guidepost of the elite.

Shadow government groups like The Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, the Club of Rome and the Bilderberger Group took a major role in shaping national and international policy, overwhelmingly pointed in a socialist and globalist direction.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government, growing exponentially through Executive fiat under neo-con Republicans and Marxist Democrats (the Uni-party), became the bloated leftist mess popularly coined by “America First” as the “Swamp”.

Unaccountable federal employees now number in the millions in protected positions that earn more than their civilian counterparts even before factoring in their cushy benefit packages.

Public sector jobs at all levels now make up nearly 45% of the active American workforce; a statistic that is truly unsustainable in a healthy free market economy.

Moreover, government employees overwhelmingly support a socialist agenda and administrations.

This is the dilemma we face today in a political culture increasingly controlled by leftist Presidents like the Clinton/Obama/Obiden regimes.

The swamp in Washington DC is not fiction or exaggeration, it is absolute fact……and an extremely dangerous fact at that.

Many agencies throughout government have gone completely rogue and are acting in direct defiance to constitutional authority and political neutrality under the law.

In fact many federal law enforcement personnel have become weapons of war against the American people in an increasingly politicized move to subjugate and eradicate anyone opposing their globalist totalitarian schemes for cradle to grave control of humanity.

And if you think that the addition of 87,000 new IRS agents, many armed, is for the benefit of the American Middle Class, you are most assuredly as dumb as a stump and would vote for a sock puppet if told to do so.

There are two distinctly separate sets of rules and laws for the Power Elite and those of us considered commoners and useless eaters.

Those select few in positions of power can quite literally commit murder or treason without recourse or sanction.

They are above the law, and can attack and destroy any opponent with impunity. That was evident during the four rocky years of the Trump Presidency as he attempted to mitigate the damage caused by decades of Progressive Presidents and their Cabinet appointments.

His mere presence represented a threat to the New World Order's genocidal plans for population reduction and mind control.

WAKE UP, stand up, and link arms with your fellow Americans before it is too late. Injustice and tyranny are inseparably linked to those who would destroy us especially those within our own government. They will pick us off one by one until there is no-one left to fight back.

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