Guest: Terry D. Turchie – was the first Deputy Assistant Director of the Counter-terrorism Division of the FBI, between March 2000 and May 1, 2001.  His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of two of the most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history… (Full Bio at bottom of post)

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America represents the last best hope for mankind.  In a world yearning for liberty and the right to live under limited, constitutional representative government, America stands alone as a beacon of freedom.

Sadly, much of our idealized liberty has been erased or marginalized since the founding.  We are now facing the very real possibility of losing the very blessings of liberty our forefathers fought and died to preserve.  The concept of patriotism and love of country is still alive, but the forces opposing us have invested trillions of dollars and more than a century of patient, intense effort into destroying American exceptionalism; gradually replacing it with the poisoned logic of Marxism, radical environmentalism, and totalitarian global rule.

Very few Americans realized how totally this clandestine effort had taken control of our once great republic; until the 2016 Presidential election exposed to all the corrupt and radical mindset of many heretofore hallowed institutions.  The all out attacks against patriotic ideals like “America First”, free market economics, energy independence, equal opportunity, free speech, American exceptionalism and other core concepts that were immutable truths a generation ago, exposed the criminals that were now in charge of what we have come to know as the Deep State.

Since the normalization of relations with Communist China began in earnest in 1973 at the behest of the globalist David Rockefeller, American industry has been gutted and the Chinese Communist regime has quite literally been handed the industrial and economic keys to the kingdom that we once took for granted.  This was no accident; their insider globalist stooges; Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State during the Nixon Administration), Zbignew Brzezinski (Trilateral Commission), institutional investor George Soros, amoung others, have worked for nearly a century to build the structure or their Marxist/fascistic/technocratic New World Order.

Our elected public officials at all levels of government have aided and abetted this transfer of wealth and power by providing the legislation and tax incentives for corporations and industry to relocate to China where cheap labor and low operating costs make large corporate (political donors) and stockholders extremely wealthy at the expense of the American workers.  Meanwhile, Americans are lulled to sleep with assurances by politicians, Marxist academics and the mainstream media that all is well despite going from the largest creditor to the largest debtor nation on earth in just 2 generations.

Communist China has step by step, taken over our manufacturing sector, stolen our technology, purchased our media, supplanted communism into our universities, is purchasing our land and infrastructure with our own self imposed debt, and now ideologically owns much of Congress and the Executive Branch.

The power and control by China and globalists was recently demonstrated by the level of social/mainstream media control, political manipulation and ideological influence they had during the 2020 Presidential election; and their ability to tap into and/or hi-jack our voting process of computerized voting systems by anti-American hackers scattered clear across the globe.

America, freedom loving people around the world are watching and praying that we awaken in time to restore the ideals that mad America exceptional.  They know that individual liberty, rule of law, private property, love of God and country and an appreciation for the unique place in history that we occupy as the “last best hope” for mankind will live or die within the next few years.

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This Week's Guest Profile (s)

Terry D. TurchieTerry D. Turchie – was the firs Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, between March 2000 and May 1, 2001.  His leadership was the driving orce behind the capture of two of the most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history.

In his early years in the FBI, Terry chased timber thieves in the Oregon forests.  By the 1980s, he was chasing Soviet spies at the United Nations in New York.  On one memorable occasion, depicted in New York Magazine, he and his partner wrestled Soviet spy Gennadiy Zakharov to the ground at a subway station.

After a tour a GBIHQ in Washington, D.C., he took over counterintelligence squad in San Francisco, and within a year his Squad disrupted two major Eastern Bloc espionage operations.

Betwwen 1994 and 1998, Terry directed the UNABOM Task Force (UTF) that identified and convicted Theodore Kaczynski for an 18-year long string of terrorist bombings.  Robert Graysmith, an author who wrote about the case in a 1997 book UNABOMBER-A Desire to Kill, called Turchie ” the heart and spirit of the investigation.”

After Kaczynski pled guilty to the UNABOM crimes in 1998, Turchie was promoted to Inspector, and was immediately tapped by FBI Director Louis Freeh to direct the Southeast Bomb Task Force in North Carolina to hunt for Olympic Park bomber Eric Robert Rudolph.  His interagency coworkers admiringly described him as the “FBI's Ace.”

In 1999, he was called to Washington, D.C. as Deputy Assistant Director of the new Counterterrorism Division of the FBI.  Between 1999 and 2001, he testified before Congress and traveled extensively overseas with former FBI Director Louis Freeh to facilitate joint investigations of international terrorism in the Middle East, Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Turchie is a recipient of the FBI Director's Award as well as the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service.  He served as the Director for Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism at the University of California- managed Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 2001 through 2008.  Between 2008 and 2020, he has authored five books, co-produced several documentaries, two of which earned the CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best Documentary in Los Angeles, CA.  He has appeared on CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, many times as a guest commentator on topics related to the FBI, terrorism, counterintelligence and criminal investigations regarding current events.

His most recent book, In Their Own Words, the Democratic Party's Push Towards a Communist America, published in February 2020, spent several weeks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Best Seller Lists.
the Democratic Party's Push Towards a Communist America

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