American public education has transformed from liberal classical education to radicalized Marxist dogma masquerading as progressivism.

Public education has become the latest whipping boy of 21st century progressive politicians. The top priority of National Education Association (NEA) programs is indoctrination of our youth into Marxist green global citizens under the rubric of national & international education standards.

Naive parents have abdicated their traditional parental responsibilities to teachers and school administrators that are far too willing to radically transform schools into social/emotional learning experiments more likely to indoctrinate than enrich young minds.

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Guest: LYNN DAVENPORT – Her education advocacy began in K-12 as a public school parent after her daughter fell victim to the standardized testing culture.

The classical liberal education that transitioned America from an agrarian to an advanced industrial society is being scrapped for a new socialist/Marxist theology that transforms the original 3 r”s into: racial identity, moral relativism & radical activism.

The Covid lockdowns and subsequent school closures in 2020 and 2021 were a blessing in disguise for parents concerned about the poor quality of federally mandated school standards.

After months of forced lockdowns, parents saw how little actual education was taking place in the public-school setting and how most of a child's time wasted in that academic environment accomplished little more than to remake their bright young minds into tools of Marxist/Green indoctrination programs.

What had been passing as a solid basic education under “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” was finally exposed for what it is; a paradigm shift from scholastic excellence focused on individual learning and achievement, to group think, social justice training, and collectivist dogma.

Without approval or consent from parents, federal and global institutions have re-educated our children from free market capitalists to Marxists and watermelon (red on the inside, green on the outside) environmental extremists.

When many Public Schools reopened under the newly installed Obiden Administration; his radical CRT, WOKE, LBGTQ and Paraphelia First agenda accelerated the transformation of K-12 schools while the traditional child/parent role was attacked as unnatural and transphobic.

Parents were told that they no longer had a part to play in the shaping of their child's cultural, moral and religious values as schools imposed themselves as final arbitors on all things heretofore considered a normal child and parent relationship.

Something as civic minded as concerned parents attending school board meetings to express displeasure with radical changes in school curriculums was redefined as domestic terrorism by re-radicalized federal law enforcement agencies within the Biden/Harris kleptocracy.

This draconian effort to reassert control over public education may have been the straw that broke the camel's back and exposed the radical Biden agenda in ways that offend even traditional moderate Democrats.  In the process of imposing this fundamental transformation we dropped from number 1 in the world to number 36 in overall academic achievement; in less than 50 years many inner-city high school graduates are functionally illiterate and unable to do even simple math.

Moreover, this sad indictment of public education is happening despite record spending per student. Obviously the progressive curriculum, not money, is the problem.

American institutions of learning have always been targets of Marxists, totalitarians, and global elites.  Enemies of American exceptionalism have always known that the power to control political movements and shape future opinion leaders was within the purview of public educators and American institutions of higher learning.

Those institutions train the teachers that transform the youth that will shape the future of our republic. According to that thesis, those who control the minds of the youth, can control the future of the country “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted” – V.I. Lenin.

To counter this takedown of American excellence in education, a grass-roots Home School movement has emerged.

Home schooled students learn far more in 10 hours of directed learning than those in mind numbing public school systems that demand the entire week.  Home schooled children are better behaved and have better social skills, while parents are relearning their roles as responsible adults, mentors, and loving parents.

On average, home schooled children are 1 – 2 years ahead of their public school counterparts by the time they are of college age.

Americans must either radically reform public education or end it altogether.

The U.S. Department of Education's role in the Federal administrative bureaucracy has always been questionable.  State and local teaching environments are much better adapted to educating our youth.

National and international academic standards have been a failure since the beginning. One size fits all standards lower the bar for everyone; unfairly hurting those who see education as a way out and up for the working poor.

Therefore, any learning environments that deny free speech, promote radical agendas, and promote political ideologies over classical liberal education should lose public funding and support! The future of a free and sovereign humanity is at risk!




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