…bringing America to her knees by collusion

We are being eaten alive by the cancer within our elected and appointed government.  That cancer is progressivism,  also known as communism, and threatens our survival as a free republic.  We must seek truth and be unafraid to identify our enemies and hold them accountable for their treasonous acts against the republic.

Last week Trevor Loudon exposed the many of enemies within our own government that have been working passionately to destroy our constitutional republic and turn America into their vision of a Marxist utopia.

This week we will learn how that subversive activity has lead to massive security breaches that threaten the very future of our country.

Our guests Mary Fanning and Alan Jones will show how the Port Canaveral handover and modern day nuclear and EMP threats are directly connected, and how our way of life is threatened in ways that could not have happened without the collusion of our national leadership during the Obama Administration.

Many of the international threats we face today are a direct result of intentional actions to ignore national security policies and adopt procedures that are openly opposed to our true national interests.

We have been betrayed by the very people that we are expected to support and trust with our national survival.

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are two of the top national security experts and investigative journalists for The Center for Security Policy, and describe in detail how the whole process came together, and the enormous security consequences for our nation.

Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at the Washington Times Communities.

Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security and was the lead researcher and author of The Betrayal Papers.

Ms.Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.  Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have conducted a nearly 3-year investigation of the Port Canaveral deal and the spinoff consequences of that transaction.

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