Globalism is a cancer that must be cut out before it is allowed to destroy American sovereignty.

For well over 200 years an element within U.S. national and international leadership has been hard at work undermining institutions that promote national self interest, private property and individual rights.

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Guest: Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret) BooK: EndGame
Guest: William F. Jasper (The New American) Book: The United Nations Exposed and Global Tyranny …Step by Step

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Better known groups within his global movement include names such as illuminati, Skull and Bones, the Fabian Society, Club of Rome, Bilderberger's, Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Round Table Group, and everyone's favorite; the United Nations.  Although they travel and meet under many names, they share one very important common prejudice; they all believe that mankind is incapable of self governance and must be controlled and manipulated at the will of a handful of international elite possessing superior infallible intellect and wisdom.  According to their hubristic self images, these elite are the only salvation for humanity, even though they openly profess their contempt for the common man and the billions of “useless eaters” that they propose to eliminate for the “good of the planet”.

With untold wealth, they have learned how to control the political process through bribes, blackmail, coercion and outright fraud.  Those they can't buy are made irrelevant to the voters or blackmailed into obedience.  The “good old boys club” of international finance allows only their carefully vetted choices to appear before the voters, often the most corrupt and contemptable within society, because they are also the easiest to control.  In America, the 2 party system gives the appearance of choice and radically different ideologies, although behind the scene most eat from the same special interest globalist trough and share a specially protected status under the tutelage of their power elite masters.

The political class are made to think that they are actually part of this elite club, and are reinforced with great wealth and prestige in return for their obedience to the cause of globalism.  And, although many claim to be free market capitalists and stauch anti-communists, their voting records often prove otherwise.  Most are waterlogged from years of swimming in the socialist D.C. swamp, purposely ignoring their constitutional oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Getting re-elected becomes their number one priority because the life of the protected political class is truly exhilarating for those of very limited talent and enormous self importance.  The occasional “statesman” who manages to sneak into the “club” is short lived and powerless in a system so totally corrupt, rotten, and controlled from the inside out.

Democrat and establishment Republican institutions are accurately referred to as parties because of the costly and extravagant parties they throw at the expense of the voters and taxpayers.  Sadly, few Americans truly understood the complexity and magnitude of this takeover by globalists, until very recently.  Let me be perfectly clear; most of the American political class is owned and controlled by a global financial elite that have been working and scheming for over a century to bring down the United States as a sovereign constitutional republic.  It is to be replaced by a socialistic/technocratic system of internationalism controlled by a very powerful elite of bankers and crony capitalists.  The only question is whether the communist Chinese who have very wisely gained enormous worldwide influence and power as a consequence of cooperating with the globalists, will actually beat the globalists to the punch and force the entire world to lick the boots of Chinese communism.  This political corruption can be likened to a cancer that has metastasized until the body politic threatens all who stand for life, liberty and property.

Donald Trump made some progress in slowing this cancer, but he was naïve to the enormity of the entrenched Administrative State and the dedication they held to their vision of a Marxist America.  Congress and the D.C. Bureaucracy slow walked his America First policies and requests for administrative appointments so openly that most did not get filled during his entire presidency.  With solid Republican majorities in both houses of Congress during the first 2 Trump years, it was noteworthy how little was accomplished by the Republicans to reel in the powerful Administrative State.  The highly questionable 2020 General Election ended Trump's efforts and like all other forms of cancer, once untreated, it came back with a vengeance.

The duly selected White House resident China Joe Obiden is working feverishly to slam the lid on any real opposition to America's march toward “one world socialistic/technocratic government.  Federal Administrative Agencies and Federal Law Enforcement is being weaponized against the America people in ways that were unthinkable pre Patriot Act.  Recent FBI policy papers identify large segments of American society as “domestic terrorists” and liken most symbols and leaders of America's founding in similar pejorative terms.

The globalist cancer is throughout the body politic and has metastasized until it threatens to destroy us all.  Isn't it time to stop this madness once and for all?  No single person can save America.  Dedicated citizens and patriots are the solution to despotic rule and the global police state. Wake up America.

Wake Up America

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