The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement using the SPLC to identify extremists and enemies of the state helps explain why justice is now JUST THEM.

A recent article in the Epoch Times by Jeff Carlson questioned whether the Mar-a-Lago raid on former President Donald Trump's Florida residence was for legitimate national security reasons, or was politically motivated to cover the tracks of illegal activity within the Obama/Obiden Administrations, FBI, and DOJ.  After all, it has become quite clear over the past 6 years that many of our highest Federal law enforcement officials are extremely partisan in dispensing justice, despite numerous federal safeguards that expressly forbid it.

In fact law and justice has become so partisan that the highly partisan (many would say communistic) Southern Poverty Law Center has become the gate keeper to identify “extremists and enemies of the state” for most Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies.  What exactly does it take to make this list?  It includes groups that want to preserve Second Amendment rights, fans of the unredacted Constitution and Bill of Rights, folks that support national sovereignty and want to see enforcement of immigration laws, Evangelical Christian groups, pro-life/anti-abortion groups and “Make America Great Again” adherents.  What very dangerous anti government or openly communistic groups are left off this list?  Try BLM and ANTIFA for starters!  Obviously the foxes are not only in charge of the hen house, they are selectively butchering and eating the occupants at their sole discretion.

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As a God fearing and very patriotic American, I cannot believe the current level of corruption by many so-called leaders who seem hell-bent on destroying our great republic from within.  Nor can I believe the rapid decline in our political safeguards so perfectly conceived to advance liberty, self reliance, individual rights and private property………….all things that made America unique and prosperous!

The past 122 years have witnessed many changes (some good , many bad) in the makeup and complexity of the Administrative State and their ability to use force and coercion to control society and demand compliance to unconstitutional government mandates.

Most Americans are like hamsters in a hamster wheel, running as fast as they can just to keep up with inflation and the financial demands of raising a family.  They usually don't have time to pay close attention to the many changes within our society that are destroying the very foundations of our unique American culture.  They have precious little time to participate in the political realm, trusting that responsibility to others who do.

Ironically, those with the time for political endeavors are the same folks that profit from more government and top down administrative control: government employees, educators and administrators with liberal vacation packages and plenty of paid time off for political activities.

The folks on the free market economic hamster wheel are there to generate the money flowing to those with ample time to create the rules for the vast Administrative State.
A very neat little scheme, and thus far it has been working perfectly, at least for the technocrats in complete command of the Administrative State.

With a fully “integrated” DOD, CIA, FBI, DOJ, and liberal federal funding strings controlling local governments and law enforcement, we are just one pandemic or national /international emergency away from a “fundamental transformation” of America and the rest of the free world into Klaus Schwab's 4th Industrial Revolution/Green World Order, circa 2030.

Don't know what that means; it means a society where Americans are only an insignificant part of a one world totalitarian technocracy dedicated to cradle to grave complete control of the few remaining humans on a green, sustainable planet that grovels at the feet of a power elite group in control of international banking, finance and corporatocracy…….techno feudalism.

And just think; they managed to accomplish this act of seditious treason with the willing participation of the useful idiots and high I.Q. nitwits that sold America and the world down the river of Utopian dreams scripted by the delusional sociopath, Karl Marx.

Good work progressives!  You are about to reap what you sowed, sadly it will not only destroy your world, it will destroy those of us who understand what liberty, sacrifice and fidelity really mean.  But don't think for a New York second that we are going to go down without a fight.  Even school yard bullies know better than threatening an intelligent man backed into a corner with his life and the life of his family on the line.

America is morphing into the nightmarish totalitarian state that we sacrificed many lives to defeat in earlier generations.  It might be a good time for many Americans to swap out their materialistic wishbones for patriotic backbones and join the fight to save our republic.

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