The enemies of America have attacked our basic institutions, and in the process, are destroying our national character.

I find the never ending calls by Leftist Professors and other high IQ nitwits for political compromise irreconcilable with self preservation for anyone even remotely familiar with the basic tenets of communism.

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Hour 1 Guest: David Sumrall ~ created StopHate in 1992 as a result of the L.A. Riots to bridge the divide and bring peace and healing, through educating people of the division supported by the media, with a focus on communication and community. also encourages and supports citizen journalism on a grand scale.

Hour 2 Guest:  Dr. Juliette Engel – In her remarkable book, SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick, Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives. In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program.  In 1990, she sold her medical practice and moved to Moscow to found the Angel Coalition, an underground railroad that rescued and repatriated thousands of trafficking victims, mostly children.  (Angels Over Moscow)

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To compromise with a communist is to become a communist since their is no true middle ground between collectivism and individualism.

Socialism inevitably morphs into communism since few productive people are willing to voluntarily support the stealing of wealth from themselves to give to others, without the government's heavy hand forcing them into compliance.

As socialism implodes, the heavy hand becomes a fist, and eventually the worker's paradise becomes a GULAG of forced labor under shared poverty.

Communism only works when all free market forms of government are eliminated.

The only reason that socialism has taken such deep root in America is from Republican political cowardice and non-stop deficit spending that leaves our children and grandchildren in perpetual debt.

Every ill we face today as a free people is the result of our willingness to compromise with arrogant people that detest our individual rights and ability to fend for ourselves.

That explains why academics are at the forefront of every collectivist movement.

They are the so-called intelligentsia of polite society; usually overeducated and completely unskilled at producing usable products.

Meanwhile, they are being highly paid from public coffers to proselytize communism to our youth, all-the-while collecting academic awards and advanced degrees like baseball cards; reinforcing their self importance.

When analyzing the wholesale destruction of our nation by forces of: globalism, corporate fascism, progressive socialism and international communism, we need only to ask; are we losing the battle for our republic because of political acquiescence or moral cowardice?

Although we have had some missteps along the way and are by no means perfect, no system of government ever provided more liberty and opportunity to succeed than has the American republic.

Historically, if we failed to meet the highest standards, it was always because of political leadership failings and not from a lack of national ideals.

Although the past 3 decades have damaged us immeasurably, we have the ability to stop our own demise if we come together as a united people to re-establish our national character.

Cowardice in the face of adversity is not what made America prosper over the past 237 years, any more than moral weakness begets national strength. Our nation is truly a reflection of the character of her people.

People of poor character cannot sustain a good nation, and conversely, a nation filled with people of good character will be impossible to destroy.

The attempted destruction of America was started a long time ago by external enemies like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao who knew Americans could only be brought into the communist fold if and when we lost our sense of purpose and the moral leadership of Church and family.

Progressive socialist President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs took aim squarely at morality and two parent families, making welfare and various government programs much more available to single mothers than 2 parent households.

The WOKE movement ushered in by the Obama/Obiden Administrations targeted minorities who were told that they could not succeed on their own abilities without massive government help and the destruction of the whiteness that influenced Western civilization.

They were told that every personal failing was caused by someone else, while coercing minorities onto the new liberal plantation that stymies the progress of all groups trying to climb out of poverty through hard work and personal sacrifice.

And while the welfare roles exploded, abortion on demand was justified as a necessary alternative, resulting in the murder of some 58 million unborn babies.

During this same timeframe prayer and the Bible were banned from public schools and government buildings, while sex education was amped up until today children as young as 3 years old are taught that gender is optional, and pedophilia is an acceptable human activity.

Our Christian God has been renamed Gaia (Mother Earth) by the UN, while Pope Francis and the Vatican's Council of Cardinals is openly promoting Marxism despite Marx's well earned reputation as a devout Satanist.

Moreover, the National Council of Churches is promoting the WOKE, Green and BLM agenda despite the obvious heresy of supporting Marxist, communist, and atheist underpinnings.

What else do we need to see with our own lying eyes before we comprehend the destruction of our Judeo Christian culture and with it, our national character?

Unhampered illegal immigration, stolen elections, forced vaccines, weaponizing government against the people…….. where will it end?

If we allow this to continue it will end with the destruction of everything we hold dear about America and a new communist/globalist “Dark AGE” will descend on humankind, ending the greatest experiment in individual liberty ever devised by man.

Are we really ready to give liberty away? I certainly hope not! Stand as Americans and refuse to accept communism or globalism as our new way of life!

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