An Article 5 Convention is not only a bad idea, but a disastrous idea in today's political climate.

The relentless push for an Article 5 Convention pops up at every Legislative Session in states that have not signed on as supporters of a call for a Convention of the States to amend the US Constitution.

Although this is sold as a way to change one or two parts of the Constitution such as term limits or a mandated balanced budget, it has a great potential to become a run-away convention that could eviscerate the founders “original intent”.

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In their wisdom, the founders provided a way to amend the Constitution through a process that was intended to limit the scope of the amendments to single issues.

This amendment process required a 2/3 rds vote of Congress and the Senate to pass the amendment, followed by submission to all State Legislatures requiring approval by 75% of the states for ratification.  This amendment process has resulted in 27 total amendments since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

This method was a guarantee that under circumstances where Federal elected officials refuse to consider amendments widely supported by constituents and with the support and concurrence of state governments, an option be available for a 2/3 rds majority of states to call for a Constitutional Convention of the States.

Although this process was intended to force Federal Elected Representatives to act, it also provides that Congress be allowed to set the rules for the Convention and determine how delegates are selected.

An Article 5 Convention was exactly how the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the US Constitution.

Think about that for a minute! A Constitutional Convention under the rules of Article 5 could (many say would) lead to a total re-writing of our Constitution under convention rules set by intellectual giants like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy.

Have we really become so ignorant of our national political reality that we are willing to risk a run away Constitutional Convention that could destroy the rule book that has held us together as a republic for 235 years.

Not only has it held us together as a constitutional republic, it allowed our nation to become a beacon of liberty to the world and the only successful experiment in limited self government in history.

Our Constitution is the first and only example of a system of government that was created to protect the individual rights, liberty and property of average people.

The reason that we have lost so many of the rights guaranteed under our Constitution is not from a faulty document, it is from the failure of generations of elected officials to honor their oath of office, and an increasingly demanding, ignorant and disconnected electorate that fails to hold their elected representatives personally responsible for bad decisions and reprehensible oversight of the public trust.

The proponents of a state initiated Article 5 Convention would like you believe that this is a process that can be safely controlled and limited to one or two issues.

They won't tell you that nearly as many liberals are supporting this effort as conservatives, or that groups like George Soros Open Society Network have clandestinely funded liberal pro con-con groups; seeking an opening to destroy constitutional sacred cows like the Second Amendment.

Today we are living in the age of WOKEness, corruption, and political cowardice that pales anything in our national history.

Stolen elections, forced vaccine compliance, political support of openly communist groups destroying our civil society, unconstitutional federal mandates, unlimited illegal immigration, political weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies, mandated CRT training in our schools…………………and the list goes on.

Yet somehow we are to believe that our political leaders today are smarter and better prepared to preserve our liberties than the Founding Fathers?  Surely you jest!

Political leaders of both parties kow-tow to openly Marxist groups and programs out of fear that they might offend someone or become targets of black clad ANTIFA thugs, CCP controlled “mainstream” media, or Frankfurt School trained Cultural Marxist academics.

Meanwhile, average hard working patriotic Americans are increasingly labeled as domestic terrorists, extremists, white supremacists, fascists, homophobes, racists, and other pejoratives for speaking out against injustice.  According to recent national polls, 62% of Americans no longer trust the election process, yet we are called election deniers if we demand audits and election reform.

Lest we forget what's at stake here, look at the caliber of our national and local elected leadership before contemplating the idea of a new Constitution.

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