This week we will borrow from the Monty Python moniker to describe our program and guest for this week, Stand-Up Poet, Benny Wills.

Benny was trained as a professional actor and has used this talent and his personal audacity to tell it like it is in the most charming and intuitive poetry on the planet. His talent to entertain while cutting to the cold hard reality of the human condition thru poetry is really quite phenomenal, earning him an international reputation as an entertainer of near genius.

Benny brings truth to the stage in ways that disarm the most toxic of his detractors and humor to subjects that seem completely beyond the possibility of humor.

To say that Benny has extraordinary talent would be like saying that Karl Marx was a nitwits (AOC's) icon…………totally understated.

Join us for one of the most entertaining and interesting interviews you will ever hear, and see why I have such enormous respect and praise for this talented young man. We will have far too much fun for a Connecting the Dots episode……….as we Connect the Dots in ways you would never have known were possible.

Benny Wills is a “stand-up poet” as well as the co-creator of the “Conscious Comedy” YouTube channel, JoyCamp. He is a classically trained theater actor, holds two degrees in performing arts, and has appeared in more than 50 stage productions around the world.

In 2004, he declared to himself and the universe, “I want to know the truth.” This vow led to the destruction of numerous paradigms and belief systems, as well as an inevitable and uncomfortable break-up with his career as a professional actor. Stepping onto the path of truth was the best decision he could have possibly made, however, and his life has since opened up in ways he never could have imagined.

For Benny, seeking truth, doing what is right, and helping guide humanity out of its current conundrum is a moral obligation. Hence, he has devoted himself to living with purpose, being of service, and hastening the awakening this world so desperately needs.

Join Host Dan Happel on Connecting the Dots

Tuesday's 9:00am Mtn/11:00am Est.

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