Humanity as we know it is on the brink of extermination, because of those in powerful positions tinkering with the planet.

Our Sunday podcast covered the subject of the Power Elite & transhumanism, but the subject of geoengineering needs a completely separate discussion since the subject is so complex. Tuesday's podcast will expose the complex programs meant to geoengineer the planet.

The atmosphere should be so lucky to have only the industrial pollution from automobile emissions, power generation and manufacturing that radical environmentalists claim will destroy the planet.  Our government, power elite, internationalists, and scientists of our allies and enemies alike have been conducting secret atmospheric research to control and modify weather as far back as World War 2.  Although that geoengineering might be justifiable in times of war to control battlefield conditions, this research and technology has been ever expanding during peacetime to include bizarre experiments meant to modify and control the entire human race.

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Guest: Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues…
Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology… –
Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown

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Our planet has become the plaything of megalomaniacal technocrats and government scientists, with no clear evidence that most understand the long term consequences of their tinkering.  Even more disturbing; some are tinkering with full knowledge of the potential negative consequences for humanity, and don't seem to care.

Projects like HAARP ( the High Atltitude Active Auraural Research Project) which started out as a military experiment in controlling battlefield weather has spent billions (some say trillions) of dollars on experiments to electrically charge the ionisphere for weather modification and more recently, on research projects aimed at controlling human behavior and life itself.

Physicist Nicola Tesla knew more than a century ago that electrical/molecular energy is the key to unlock human and biological understanding of the forces of the universe.  His scientific research showed a direct link between planetary electromagnetic forces and the atomic structures of living things.  Tesla's knowledge of the time/space continuum and the physical laws of the universe were so much farther advanced than is commonly known, that upon his death, the OSS, later known as the CIA, broke into his modest New York City apartment and confiscated trunks, boxes and file cabinets of his personal work; never to be seen again.  It is common knowledge in the spyfare/ conspiracy community that Tesla's unwitting genius is the basis for much of the secret project work being carried out by the many factions of the military/industrial New World Order complex.

Unlimited ego has spawned a new breed of “UBERMEN” who see themselves as masters of the universe.  Science has become the new religion of these self identified Man/Gods, who refuse to acknowledge any power higher than themselves.  Consequently, although the UN and the whole “Green Movement” march lockstep to the tune of saving the planet from the ravages of humans, behind the scenes, government scientists and power elite are tinkering in ways that could irreversibly modify the planet forever, and will likely end humanity as we know it.

To say that there is a particularly malevolent group of Power Elite Globalists that see most of humanity as little more than lab rats, insects, and useless eaters is gross understatement.  They are a genocidal bunch of sociopaths and megalomaniacally evil people that likely constitute the number 1 enemy of humanity and the environment.

The technological understanding of most people is more than 50 years behind the state of the art technology available to military/industrial and spy agency planners.  This is for a very specific purpose.  An ignorant man is much easier to control than an informed, critical thinker.  The average IQ of Americans and their ability to think outside the box (connect the dots) has dropped precipitously in the past 50 years despite massive spending on Public Education.  We have become a society of easily led sheep, not by accident, but because it was planned that way.  Education and mass media became a tool of the power elite to reprogram mankind as reliable workers, not critical thinkers.  Technology has outstripped the human capacity to control it.  Nano technology, AI, robotics, quantum computing, bioengineering……….all things that could advance human society beyond our wildest dreams, has the capacity to end life on earth as we know it, and most people don't have a clue that it is even happening.  For those who do understand, alarm bells are going off all around us.

It is frightening knowing that a group of very powerful megalomaniacs that hold God and his creation in total contempt are working feverishly to change his creation for personal enrichment and the power to control mankind.  Geoengineering the environment is short sighted and dangerous. If we can no longer build a washing machine that lasts 20 years, why would we trust anyone to engineer the atmosphere in ways that are irreversible?


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