For several decades there has been a very strong push to sign on the required number of states to the idea of an Article 5 Convention, or in more contemporary jargon, a Convention of the States. This push comes from both sides of the aisle and includes progressives as well as some self-declared conservatives.

There is a reason that this idea is receiving support from both political camps. Progressives realize that an Article 5 Convention can open the entire constitutional process to unlimited change while some conservatives believe that a Constitutional Convention of the States can be very limited and tightly controlled.

Who is correct? If the progressives are right, we could very easily see the end of our constitutional republic and be forced to live under a constitution written by political hacks, special interests, progressive socialists, corporate lawyers, and globalists. If the conservatives are right, the Con-Con might be limited to a single issue such as balancing the budget…………………but if they're wrong, “Katie bar the doors!”, the entire system of government envisioned by our founders could be destroyed forever.

There is far too much at risk to see a Con-Con as a reasonable process to be taken lightly.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of the risk of a run-away convention by the Author of the Constitution Series for the John Birch Society, Robert Brown, and Montana State Senate President, Scott Sales.

We have made several attempts to get Rep. Ken Ivory, a strong supporter of Convention of the States Legislation to appear on this program to debate the wisdom of an Article 5 Convention. To date those requests have been ignored.

We will continue to welcome this on-air debate of the Con-Con advisability from proponents as well as opponents.

Robert BrownConstitutional Scholar Robert Brown, a former regional field coordinator for the John Birch Society, laid out and dismantled the arguments for an Article V Convention. Robert Brown said his message will iterate the Founding Fathers' intention for the Constitution and provide history about the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

“What did the Founding Fathers really tell us?” he said. “We want to get enough people educated to stop our legislators from going along with this (Article 5 convention).”
He discusses the role of Congress and critiques the rhetoric of Article V supporters.

He teaches about the dangers and disadvantages of a “Con-Con” and what solutions are currently working to rein in our out-of-control government.

Robert Brown has produced six of his lectures as a DVD series known as, “The Constitution is the Solution.”  A popular constitutional speaker, he has lectured for many organizations throughout the United States.

See the Dangers of an Article 5 Convention Video Here

Scott SalesSenator Scott Sales is a Republican member of the Montana State Senate, representing District 35.

He was first elected to the chamber in 2012.  Sales currently serves as State Senate President.   Sales served in the Montana House of Representatives, representing District 68 from 2003 to 2011.   Sales served as Speaker of the House as well as Minority leader during this time.

Sales formerly served on the boards of the Montana Republican Party and the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee at both the state and national level.   He is a member of the Montana Farm Bureau, American Stewards of Liberty, National Rifle Association, Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute.

The 1982 Boise State University graduate has three children.

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