This podcast will take a look back over the past 60 years and highlight some key events that forced compliance to government mandates and forever changed America.  We will show how events that seemed unrelated at the time were part of a pattern that “fundamentally transformed” America and have stripped most unalienable rights from us and handed them over to those in power.

We will expose the Demican/Republicrat Uniparty as the sham that it has become to control dissent and give voters the chance to “throw the bums out every 4 years only to replace them with even worse ones. We will show how fear of the unknown has turned Americans from wolves to sheep, and how easily we were led down this path. We will show how to stop this slide with non-violent means by refusing to comply, and by educating others with forums like Connecting the Dots.

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Guest: ELIAS ALIAS – Philosophical Poet; Gold Sculpting Jewelry Designer and Diamond Setter; Honorably Discharged U.S. Marine Viet Nam Veteran; Proud Father And Grandfather; Metaphysical Student of Spiritual Energies; Willing Slave To All Cats; Happy Country Boy Grown Old; Fully Cognizant Self-Owning Individualist; Founding Member Oath Keepers Board of Directors (6 years) and Oath Keepers national website editor in chief (7 years); Resigned Oath Keepers 2016; Signature: “Flowering Intelligence, Universal Garden, The Bloom Of A Sunrise Is Yesterday's Pardon.”
Book: TARGETED RED: OathKeepers, the Mental Militia & Eleas Alias

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The House Select Committee on the Weaponization of Governent has exposed a litany of abuses by federal agencies against the American people during the past 10 years, but in reality it has happened with increasing intensity for many generations, and will most assuredly happen again, unless we dismantle the offending agencies and prosecute those individuals in control that allowed this to happen.

We need look no further than the Church Commission investigations into the CIAs MK Ultra program, the FBIs Project Monarch, the FBIs armed attacks and burning of the Branch Dividian compound, the murder of Vicky Weaver, the Bundy/Hammond/ Malheur Standoffs to realize that many government agencies have been weaponized against the American people for a very long time.

It only recently registered with most people as being abusive because of intensity, frequency, and the open contempt our rulers and their bureaucratic toadys have for American society in general.  What was hiding in plain sight is now visible…..even to those choosing to ignore reality.

Government has become the tool of a world class of powerful elites and nothing is more ubiquitous than the transfer of wealth and power from national to transnational bodies over the past five generations.

What we must not loses sight in this transfer of power, is the alarming rise of anti-American institutions promoting Marxism within our own national borders, in lock-step with the stripping away of rights of free speech and property ownership by individuals.

Those who challenge the power of the state to take rights from us at will, have become targets themselves of omnipotent government abuse. The hallmark of a tyrant is the will to use force to exact compliance to his demands. This ensures not only compliance, but sets an example for others to not step out of line for fear of retribution.

Ignoring reality does not make it go away, it merely allows those in power to increase their chokehold over dissenters and forces compliance to things not in our best interest.

Not everyone is a natural born leader, but many that have become blind followers of those in power need to wake up and realize that following an imbicile is much worse than following no-one or learning to trust in yourself.

We have the power to return America to a course consistent with the Founders vision, but it can only happen through personal sacrifice and a willingness to stand and be counted. America became the greatest example of personal liberty the world had ever known, but not without hiccups and not without a great deal of pain along the way.

We are facing challenging times ahead, but can succeed by working together, and recognizing that those claiming to hold power over us, can only do so if we allow them that power with our acquiescence.

We are nearing the point of no return. The Power Elite see the great technological leaps of the past 80 years as “the final solution” into a surveillance state capable of absolute control with AI, digital money, and the melding of man and machine as the frosting on the cake.

The question becomes our willingness to accept the totalitarian premise over the constitutional/Judeo Christian biblical promise.



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