Understanding the concept of asymmetric warfare is essential in exposing the deep state (globalist) plan to take down the last, best hope for the free world; the United States of America. 

Wrapping your brain around the enormous effort and level of deceit and treason involved in these 200+ year takedown is not at all easy for naive Americans that were raised to believe in the sanctity of our constitutional system of responsible, representative self government…….a government that no longer exists.

The very sad truth is that there are a significant number of traitors and ideological/political frauds occupying our highest elected and appointed U.S. governmental offices, as well as a large number of useful idiots in lesser positions that are acting as enablers for this den of thieves.

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Guests: Bill Coate – Colonel USMC (ret)
Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

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The most powerful men in the world have exploited human nature and the love of money to buy, sell, blackmail and manipulate the many weak people living in the swamp who are willing to sell their soul to the devil for money, power and influence (control) over the affairs of others.  Combine that reality with the “good intentions” of high IQ nitwits who really believe that Karl Marx was a political genius rather than a Satanic example of depravity, and you have a perfect mix of players for a NWO takedown of America.

Knowing that the ideas of liberty, property and freedom of expression would be far too difficult to take on frontally, the Power Elite began to infiltrate and eventually control just about every political, educational, environmental, cultural, theological and social institution in the world with the intention of bleeding America with a thousand cuts from a thousand different adversaries until we fall to our knees, too weak to continue the fight for this uniquely Christian idea of the dignity of mankind.

Central to this plan is the idea of continuous conflict and the chaos created by Balkanizing America into socially, racially, sexually, morally, culturally and spiritually isolated groups facing constant conflict with those who do not share exactly the same identities.

Where, in the past Americans were noted for their ability to look past their differences to support the more important task of providing a beacon for the free world, under this new program we are sliced and diced into small segmented and isolated groups incapable of fighting back in a coordinated way.

Openly Marxist groups like BLM and Antifa are funded and promoted by the globalists to force God fearing and patriotic Americans into such a defensive posture that we can't fight back against the real enemies of civilization………the globalist power elite who want to own everything and control everyone under their technocratic/feudalistic New World Order.  With BLM, ANTIFA, the Rainbow Coalition and other radicalized groups safely in tow and convinced that they will succeed in taking control of America, they become the useful idiots of the power elite that will destroy them as well, right after they destroy us.  The Power Elite have not spent the time and effort they have to share their power with a bunch of progressive nitwits who will very quickly become the cannon fodder of the elite.

Amid this chaos the introduction of the CCP manufactured Covid 19 virus resulted in the forced isolation, shutdowns, destruction of American small businesses and vilification of non-compilers to their Fascistic vaccine mandates and with the newly proposed vaccine passports needed to travel or shop for food, they will have further separated and isolated us.

What is the next shoe to drop?  No-one can anticipate in advance their exact move, but a very likely scenario will be an economic collapse or international provocation by the CCP on the heels of the Afghanistan debacle.

Understand one very important point: we are presently fighting WWIII against a level of tyranny and deceit that very few Americans can begin to comprehend.  This war will not end until freedom loving Americans defeat the forces of globalism, or the forces of globalism destroy the basic tenets that have held civilization together for centuries.

Understanding the plan to destroy everything we hold dear is fundamental to understanding the determination of our opponents and the depths of satanic depravity shaping their actions.  We have only two choices……..we wake up now and fight back or we continue to deny our lying eyes and ears until globalism destroys humanity.

 Wake Up America

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