Being WOKE is the polar opposite of being awake.  The fact that international corporations like Disney, Walmart, and Anheuser Busch promote perverse and radically non-traditional ideologies is a clear indication of the globalist roots and unlimited political/financial support behind the WOKE movement.

The WOKE agenda appears to be pointless and stupid, unless of course the whole purpose is to destroy civil society and end rule of law.  If that's the point, the whole WOKE agenda is doing exactly what was carefully planned and orchestrated by a very powerful few at the expense of the many.

WOKE ideology is merely a tool to attack the only significant obstacle to a New World Technocratic Feudal Order; the United States of America.  The Power Elite learned long ago how to manipulate humanity's baser instincts to fracture, split, isolate, and overthrow advanced civilizations; pitting neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend.

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Guest: Diane L. Gruber is a now retired attorney that practiced law in the Portland Metro area since 1987.  She specialized in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Probate and Estate Planning.  Diane is a frequent guest on podcasts and is an outspoken advocate for free speech in an increasingly draconian media environment.

Guest: George Caylor.  His first success was as a classic rock musician spending six years touring with Motown records.  He later became an educator, researcher, and a successful business executive managing hundreds of millions of dollars.  He is a co-founder of the political movement known as the Tea Party and hosts a podcast that can be listened to at Tea with George | Your Daily Dose Of Unbiased Political News And Views

By providing funding for radical groups that promote civil unrest, anarchy, and chaos, they have incrementally gained and maintained control over all of us, having nearly destroyed the concept of individual liberty that is central to the American system of limited self government.

Traditional American society protects the rights of everyone, even those with whom we might disagree.  That protection is called Rule of Law and is the ultimate arbiter of minority rights. Communism (pure democracy) is mob rule at the expense of individual rights and the many freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

In fact, the whole idiotic WOKE agenda could not have happened in any other political system because the rulers in a less free society would never have allowed it.

Although we should celebrate the greatness of a system of government based on principles of individual liberty; we must realize the strengths of such a system under good leadership are also a weakness when exploited for evil purposes by bad leaders. Many of America's highest elected and administrative officials have sold their souls to the Globalist devil for a seat at his table.

The Power Elite cabal is a very small but determined group of ultra-wealthy international bankers and corporate financiers who see humanity as little more than expendable pawns in their game of global politics.  They fund radical Marxist groups that undermine civil society, claiming that the only way they can make life better “for the greater good” is to destroy free markets and rebuild society in their Marxist utopian vision.

(P)resident Obiden and his fellow denizens in “the swamp” refer to this as “building back better”.

That utopian vision will ultimately lead to massive reductions in population, greatly reduced living standards, and complete forfeiture of individual rights in a perverse WOKE world.

Under the cloak of social and environmental justice, all facets of top down total control of society are being put in place by a socially irresponsible, self serving, deluded, and completely clueless progressive liberal political class raised and educated in Marxist indoctrination centers called public schools & universities.

WOKE society is zombie society living on lies and false values instead of time tested religious, moral, and social absolutes.

America with all her imperfections is the last best hope for humanity in a world where totalitarian regimes flourish and jockey for power as they exploit and brutalize their citizens.

It's time to “awaken” and realize that we are all pawns in a global game of money and politics; leveraging fear, hatred, bribery, prejudice and our natural human frailties to slice, dice, isolate and destroy individual rights and one another.

For decades Americans have been engaged in a perpetual War on Terror with American patriots becoming policemen for the entire world.  Trillions of dollars have been wasted, and generations of American soldiers and innocent civilians in foreign lands have been permanently scarred, by an endless war that seems to have no purpose or defined goals.

Now we are funding proxy wars in foreign lands to protect foreign borders, by feckless leaders that refuse to protect America's borders.

We were warned by the Founding Fathers to avoid foreign entanglements and to stand as beacons of hope for the world with steadfast Christian/constitutional principles and rule of law.

Government was meant to protect our liberty, not shape and control our lives from cradle to grave. What perverse WOKE logic has “fundamentally transformed” America from the shining light of liberty to the bottomless swamp of imperialism?

Justice and civil society cannot be built on a foundation of perversion and hate, nor can it be built on a foundation of lies.  We are watching the pre-planned Balkanization of America by forces intent on destroying the freedoms that made America great. We have allowed ourselves to be sucked into the battle plan of the Power Elite.

It's time to expose their plan and put an end to this self-inflicted national suicide campaign called WOKE and Critical Race Theory.

There are such things as absolute truths. Endlessly repeating nonsensical things like 76 different genders, does not make it so, it just makes the promoters look like idiots, and accepting bystanders look like fools for placating the nonsense with stoic acquiescence.

God teaches us to expect evil, but he also expects us to resist evil.  Even worse in God's eyes than promoting WOKE ideologies are those millions of moral cowards afraid to speak out against WOKE and CRT for fear that they will be singled out and made to feel “uncomfortable”.

An important part of the WOKE agenda is the destruction of actual history, replaced with revisionist nonsense that promotes a false narrative about our past.  We will never make our world a better place by destroying our history or trying to re-write it.

True history is factual and must be preserved.  Thus we can learn valuable lessons from our mistakes as well as our successes, but that cannot happen if we erase or revise our past.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic. Quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution by becoming educated and involved.  Fight the WOKE agenda and expose globalist plans to control society.






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