Just how vulnerable is America to attacks on our electrical grid?  Could we survive the total blackout of the nations power grid for an extended period of time?  What are the implications of doing nothing to protect the most important tool of modern, industrial, civil society?  Is this threat real or are we overstating our vulnerability to EMP or direct terrorist attacks on our electrical grid, not to mention the likelihood of another Carrington corona mass ejection type of event?  Please watch this important film, listen to our experts, and then you decide.

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America and all modern industrial societies are completely dependent on inexpensive and reliable sources of electricity for quality of life and economic prosperity.

The logic follow that anyone wanting to destroy modern industrial societies would target our power generation and distribution systems as a high, if not the highest priority to destroying our wealth and the thin veneer of modern industrial civilization.  Our total dependence on electricity is our Achilles hell, and our enemies know it!

The destruction of our electrical grid would bring our civil society to it's knees.  A few hours or days without electricity nationwide would be enormously difficult……..weeks or months would be catastrophic.  consider how totally dependent we have become on electricity for heat, lights, communication, refrigeration, information technology, industry, transportation; literally everything we need to sustain daily life.  The recent 22 state power failures, brownouts and blackouts and the power transmission disaster in Texas caused by the recent winter storm is only a glimpse of what might happen on a much larger scale if a Carrington type event or deliberate EMP attack were to take down our electrical grid.

There is absolutely no justification for this vulnerability since the fixes are relatively easy and inexpensive compared to the cost of allowing this to happen, unless the plan has been all along was to bring industrial society to an end and radically reduce human populations.

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Why would our national security leaders and members of Congress hesitate to act when the consequences of electrical grid failure will be so catastrophic.  It is inconceivable that so many elected and appointed leaders at the pinnacle of our national security infrastructure have failed to correct this glaring weakness when so many genuine security and industry experts have been screaming at the top of their lungs about this vulnerability for decades.

As a matter of national security, we all should want to protect our electrical power grid and without question will suffer greatly should we fail to reach that goal in the near term.

America has become the greatest industrial, economic and technological powerhouse in world history because of our access to affordable, clean, environmentally responsible energy.  We must not allow that to be jeopardized when the solution to a secure electrical infrastructure is so easy to attain.  We must protect and improve our electrical power generation and transmission system from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  The power blackouts and brownouts of the past several weeks bring that into sharp focus.  Protect what we have from those who would control us.

WAKE UP AMERICA and protect the electrical grid and power generation infrastructure.  It is a matter of life and death.

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Petrea PatrickPatrea Patrick is the creator of Heartfelt Films LLC https://www.hearfelfilms.net
Ms. Patrick was born in Hollywood and inspired by history, the movies, and the sheer essence of Hollywood.  She has used her talent of storytelling and love of movies to meld together films and books steeped in authentic and captivating history.  From her ranch perched in the hills of California, where the beautiful views give focus and widen the expanse of her creativity and give her the peace and tranquility from which to concentrate and to create.  Miss Patrick has written and directed Black Start, a film demanding attention.

The electric grid comes to life in this documentary as Ms. Patrick takes you inside to see the cyber infiltration facing the national grid and shows us the Truth Lies and Cover up's that exist involving the politics within the electric grid that put our lives at risk, of which the public has been left unaware.  Most Americans are liberality in the dark about how easily the entire nation could be left without power for months or years.  Black Start is a film that shines a light on the subject.

American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness, is a film that connects the dots from the secret meeting that conceived the Federal Reserve bank, to the plan of big agriculture to genetically modify (GMO) our entire food supply, to the very censoring of our internet; this film brilliantly shows the path to losing our internet; this film brilliantly shows the path to losing our freedom.  Our way of life, our health, our constitution, and our liberty are all at stake.  American Empire has been called “A PROVOCATIVE FILM.  It makes you think.  Your points are made strongly.  I have to commend you on a very well- done movie.” – Oliver Stone

Offline, is a powerful film on the CME (Corona Mass Ejections) that have and continue to propose a serious threat to the electric grid.  The reality that CME from the sun, aimed at the earth will destroy the U.S. electric grid is will known.  Scientists declare, “It is not an IF, but WHEN, it will happen scenario”.  We are not protected for such an event!

Bruno Sammartino.  The film brings to the big screen for the first time the fantastic story of this famous WWW wrestling Champion.  Arnold Schwarzenegger became a lifelong friend of Bruno and reveals much in the film about Bruno, but especially the family's escape from Nazi occupation in WWII.  It is a story that everyone needs to hear.  Bruno, as a youth, witnessed the heroic efforts of his mother to save her children's lives when the Nazi invasion occupied their mountain village to us it as a strategic point to stop the Allies.  Bruno's mother's courage, determination, and strength set Bruno on a path as a role model and a hero.  Another great docudrama film, Street 16, is a true story of a runaway teen.  The award-wining James Dean Forever Young, a documentary for Warner Brothers was edited and crafted by Ms. Patrick who had a career editing many films before she went on to direct and produce feature films.

As an author Miss Patrick has written two books Ten Days at Jekyll Island, all about the secret meeting that formed the Federal Reserve.  The brilliant minds behind the plot that literally changed the course of the United States!

Here second book, Titanic A Perfect Crime led her to produce a short film that exposes what really happened to the ship Titanic as an exciting story with a new expose' of disturbing information…

Website:  https://www.heartfeltfilms.net/
Heartfeltfilms FaceBook Page
Patrea Patrick: Youtube

Movie – OFFLINE: https://realityzone.com/product/offline/

Randy PinocciRandal Pinocci – Public Service Commissioner – District 1 in North Central and Eastern Montana.  Pinocci is married with 3 daughters, lives in Sun River and works as a property manager throughout Cascade County.  He previously served as a State Legislator for House District 19, served as Statewide Director for Senator Conrad Burns, worked as a Statewide Coordinator for candidates for Governor, US Senate, and US Congress and is very active in State GOP politics.

Randy worked side by side with NRA Director Charlton Hesston and State Republican Chair Ken Miller to establish the first Second Amendment Committee in the US, and is a Board Member actively involved with the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the most proactive 2nd amendment support organization in America.  Pinocci is a BOARD MEMBER of Freedom Force International and a frequent speaker at the Red Pill Expo and at Red Pill University on the subject: “Why fight City Hall when you can be City Hall”.  Randy is a member and leadership Fellow of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University.


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