Opening The Flood Gates – using people as pawns for globalism

The human tragedy along our Southern border has been magnified over the past 8 months by the Obiden/Harris administrative actions and numerous Executive Orders emanating from the White House.  Drug running, human trafficking, murder, assault, rape and gang/terror group incursions are increasing exponentially.  The impacts on state and county governments and their community services is causing havoc across America.  Previously eradicated communicable diseases like tuberculosis, cholera and typhus are beginning to show up around the country and entire hotels are being commandeered by government agencies to provide isolation facilities for identified Covid positive illegal immigrants.

Our guests this week will show video footage and personal observation of illegal immigrant human tragedies playing out across America.

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Guests: Yvette Franco Clark & Christie Hutchinson

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We will explore how many well meaning Americans are being duped into believing that this tragedy is unavoidable and a necessary consequence of a too restrictive legal immigration policy.

Recently we have focused on globalist programs meant to accelerate the decline of free market economies and bring about the end of national sovereignty.  These programs fit neatly within the totalitarian goals outlined in Marx's Communist Manifesto and are diametrically opposed to free market capitalism and American constitutional government.  The great surprise is that a significant percentage of our national elected leaders and the Federal bureaucrats known as the “deep state” are supporting this Marxist takeover of our government.  According to our Constitution, this is not only wrong, it is treason punishable by death.
The central strategy of these Marxist ideologues is to Balkanize the United States and her citizens by identifying exaggerated differences between races, sexes, socio-economic groups, and cultures so as to divide and conquer.  This is a well identified strategy that has been used countless times in history by communist groups attempting to bring down stable governments.  A key tactical component of this Balkanization effort is the destruction of national borders with unlimited illegal immigration.  By opening the borders in this way, cultural cohesion and sense of national identity can be attacked directly by overwhelming the social services, schools, hospitals, welfare systems, and the nation's ability to provide for this flood of immigrants demanding all the things promised by the Marxist agitators leading the parade.  This is the classic Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm capitalistic systems by rapidly expanding the welfare state. When combined with the perceived unfairness being promoted by the Cultural Marxists and their useful idiots in the media and academia, the culture and economy becomes so completely overwhelmed that the citizens cry out for someone to save them……..and guess what, the saviors are the same ones promoting the problem in the first place…..classic Hegelian /Dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) methodology to control society.
Who are the ultimate victims of this takeover?  Our entire world will suffer from this plan, including those being used by the left as the cannon fodder of worldwide revolution; the poor and homeless refugees fleeing from the crumbling and failed communist and totalitarian regimes put in place by the Marxists earlier in this globalist Game of Thrones.
Understand one thing; the only winners in this game will be the power elite who plan to own and control everything and everyone whom they choose to leave standing.  Marxist useful Idiots……… on notice that your time in the limelight will end soon enough, and the outcome won't be any more positive for you than those freedom loving Godly people you have sought to destroy.
WAKE UP AMERICA! It is time for Americans of all races, creeds and colors to recognize the ultimate purpose of unlimited illegal immigration and to demand that elected officials honor their oath of office to uphold protect and defend the Constitution and our republic against all enemies foreign and domestic.  This includes the defense of our national borders and a return to rational immigration policies.
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