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If you wish to hear about the greatness and majesty of our American republic, don't expect to get it from our American progressive elected or appointed political class. They are more likely to tell you that our founding fathers were nothing more than a collection of priveledged white racist, bogoted homophobes who destroyed all that was good and left us a legacy of oppression to be and treated with contempt. They will tell you about all the wonderful promises of utopian socialism and how fairness can only be acheived when you give the power to an omnipotent paternal government to take from some to give to others until they acheive a perfect society.

They will not tell you that their schemes are designed to end private property, personal choice and the right to live free of control by unelected bureaucrats. They studiously avoid the subject of one world communist government that is rushing at us at light speed because of their idiotic Marxist policies. They refuse to tell you that they think American economic success needs to taken away and distributed to the rest of the world because we are so very unfair to the rest of the world.

Those folks who have lived around the world under socialism or communism are much more likely to defend American exceptionalism than many Americans who take for granted the rights guaranteed under the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution or Bill of Rights. Decades of socialist education and media control have dumbed down many average Americans to the point where they know virtually nothing about our history, basic economics, or political theory.

Join us for a very interesting and enlightening conversation with someone who spent his entire life living under socialism in the United Kingdom. Learn about the Marxist efforts to kill the Brexit movement to drop out of the EU community, why these efforts have failed, and how nationalism is returning to many European nations because of the heavy handed policies of bureaucratic communist planners.

Mark Sutherland –
Founder – Creative Hub Productions

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Movie Producer, Political Analyst and Public Speaker born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mark has been involved in the Television and film industry in various roles in the U.K. since 1992, making drama for the BBC, ITV and CH4. Mark co-produced and designed a feature film as well as a number of short films. His films have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic: “One of Us” won best drama award at the Hollywood Very Short Movie Festival, Best actor at the BFM in the U.K., and a community Award in 2004 for “Pukka”-combining his education and film making skills to reduce youth crime. His latest short drama about communism has been in 3 U.S. film festivals; Maryland Film Festival, The Miami Film Festival, and Wasteland Festival LA.

In 2016, Mark entered the most important political event in recent UK history, producing and directing “Flexcit the Movie”: The Definitive EU EXIT Plan.

Inspired by his passion for the United States, Mark teamed up with writer director Ted Wilkes of Bottle Rocket Films and produced the short film “Between Lambs and Lions”, a political thriller set against a dystopian future where the United States Constitution is null and void and the Star Spangled Banner assigned to a museum.

Mark sees many parallels between the election of President Trump and the Brexit battle occurring in the U.K., and has been interviewed on various independent media sites in the Unites States such as John B. Well’s Caravan to Midnight, Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel, Southern Sense Talk Radio, Hear the Watchman and Calvary Chapel, as well as being a regular contributor to Politics Today on Revelation TV in the U.K.

Mark has a background in education, having used his practical skills to teach in the U.K. Senior High Schools for 14 years prior to his career in movie production.

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