political assassination or justifiable homicide?

The tragic death of Robert (Lavoy) Finicum during a law enforcement stop and shooting incident near Burns, Oregon has escaped an open discussion and disclosure on radio or television broadcasts………….until tonight!

Hear a first hand account of the events leading up to the traffic stop and the subsequent shooting death of Lavoy Finicum from one of the occupants of the vehicle he was driving to a meeting with Harney County Sheriff, David Ward, in Burns, Oregon. Hear how military style tactics were used to separate the vehicles in the motorcade and execute a plan that ended the life of Lavoy Finicum and led to the arrests of the Malheur Refuge Occupiers. Passenger Shawna Cox was in the Finicum vehicle and will provide eye witness  accounts of the tragic incident to provide listeners of the radio program with facts, not fantasy. Joining her will be Brand Thornton, who has been close to all of these events since the standoff in Nevada.Please join us for this informative program and share this broadcast with friends and family.

LaVoy Assassination Forensic Proof – video

Shawna CoxShawna Cox, was riding in the vehicle that Lavoy Finicum was driving and filmed much of the incident on her cell phone proving that much of the testimony by FBI and Oregon Law Enforcement is inaccurate, and intentionally falsified to justify the death of Finicum and the attempts to shoot the other riders in the vehicle. Shawna was present at the Malheur Occupation and will give first hand accounts of her experiences.



Brand ThorntonBrand Thornton is a 64 year old native of Las Vegas Nevada. Five generations in the Las Vegas valley. Brand has been a militia member since 1995. He served a two year mission for the Mormon church, and was a Mechanical contractor for 18 years.



Only By Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom

...a book written by Lavoy Finicum only a few months before his death. The proceeds will help to support the Finicum Family.

Book Details:
Only by Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom, tells of a familys struggle to come together and survive in the midst of national crisis. A stirring, fast-paced novel about what matters most in the face of devastating end-times chaos.

Filled with gripping action and relatable characters, readers are drawn into the heart-rending dilemmas each member of the Bonham family faces. You may even find yourself stopping to ask, “What would I do?

LaVoy Finicum is a real life Northern Arizona Rancher who loves nothing more in life than God, freedom, and family. His spine tingling storytelling conveys in graphic detail just how fragile and precious freedom truly is and leaves his readers with an increased desire to stand for freedom wherever possible.

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