The climate change debate is being thrown into hyper-drive by the liberal media, progressive politicians, academia and UN funded organizations pretending to represent the entire scientific community. The level of chicanery involved in the falsification of actual climate records and the manipulation of data has been proven on numerous occasions with the expose' of the Anglia University email records known as climate gate proving beyond a shadow of doubt that data was being ignored, modified and openly falsified to support their preconceived theory that humans were primarily responsible for global warming on a massive scale unheralded in world history.

Driving this climate alarmism were various individuals like former Vice-president Al Gore and an assortment of political characters claiming scientific credentials that far exceeded their actual expertise, using information provided by others with equally questionable motives and agendas, but with the full support of a compliant media and academic shills milking the federal grant cow. As is common with most political theater, money and political power are the driving forces behind the climate change movement, enriching those willing to promote the fraud.

Dr. Michael Mann provided a chart commonly known as the climate hockey stick that showed an alarming 30 year exponential rise in the overall temperature due to modern industrial society that eclipsed any previously known warm periods of the past several thousand years. This chart totally ignored proven data that showed several historical periods with much warmer climates than today.

The same scientific experts claimed that carbon dioxide should be classified as a dangerous gas and managed to get the US Environmental Protection Agency to make that bizarre claim a fixture of the Obama environmental program. The genesis of these totally unscientific programs was a profound belief that capitalism was bad and that collectivism was the key to a clean and responsible climate…..totally ignoring the fact that communist China, the former Soviet Union and virtually every other command control economy were the most egregious polluters and destroyers of the natural environment.

Many in the scientific community have been speaking out about the lack of scientific rigour used by climate alarmists and the statement by many in the alarmist camp that the “debate is over and the science is settled”, a statement that no legitimate scientist would ever make.

Join us and our guest, Dr. Tim Ball for an eye opening expose of the failed lawsuit by Michael Mann and abuse of our children in a public education system that is using indoctrination and fear to convince our young people that modern industrial capitalist society is destroying the planet and that mankind must accept communism as the only avenue for the salvation of mankind.

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Tim BallDr. Tim Ball
Samples of Profile & Career History:

  • Extensive science background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition.
  • Additional experience in water resources and areas of sustainable development, pollution prevention, environmental regulations, the impact of government policy on business and economics.
  • Heavily involved throughout career in local and national committees related to climate, soil conservation, water and water management, and hazardous waste.
  • Researcher/author of numerous papers on climate, long range weather patterns, impacts of climate change on sustainable agriculture, ecosystems, historical climatology, air quality, untapped energy resources, silting and flooding problems, bird migration patterns, historical sites development, impact studies on flooding of aboriginal lands in Manitoba.
  • Chair of provincial boards on water management, environmental issues and sustainable development
  • Columnist for “The Landowners Magazine”
  • Author of Eighteenth Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay With Dr. Stuart Houston and Mary Houston
  • Co-author Slaying of the Sky Dragon now on Kindle and paperback.
  • Winner of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Author The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science
  • 1996 to present Environmental consultant, Public Speaker and columnist.
  • 1988 to 1996 Professor at University of Winnipeg
  • 1962 to 1964 Operations Officer, Operational Training Unit, RCAF
  • 1960 to 1962 Aircrew, Navigation, electronics, 415 Squadron, RCAF

Books on exposing Climate Change Fraud
A Disgrace to the Profession
Books by Dr Tim Ball

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