FOLLOW THE MONEY– that oft quoted axiom seems to be a pragmatic way to define human nature, and now it also seems to explain why our election process is irrepairably broken and must be reformed if we are to ever see another honest election.

The 2020 General Election, exposed Americans to a high level of openly sanctioned corruption that was heretofore unthinkable. Big Tech, Social Media and the Mainstream Media have coalesced to promote a new form of fascism where government does the bidding of industry……industry with big money to contribute to the campaigns of their political lackeys, or against their political opponents. Although this interference is obvious to the politically astute, it is applied in ways that are often difficult to track and even more difficult to counteract.

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To make matters worse, the Chinese Communist Party, the big dog in worldwide communism, has been providing the financial incentives to make multinational corporations flourish, giving them the resources to buy political campaigns. The most troubling part of the enormous transfer of American wealth to China over the past fifty years; big tech, social media, mainstream media, Ivy League Universities and much of the American economic and social infrastructure is now owned or controlled by communist China or their American surrogates. Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy!

Time Reporter Molly Ball in the February 4, 2020 issue of Time Magazine openly bragged about “The Secret. Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”. In an unprecidented display of we stole the election hubris, Ball outlined an entire series of coordinated events by power player big money activists designed to steal the election and end the Trump “America First” Presidency. Shockingly she did it without so much as a glimmer of remorse to the American voting public who just witnessed the last arrow to the heart of representative government.

Social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg, pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into programs meant to steal the election, then shadow banned and censored the researchers and alternative media reporters exposing the scheme after the fact. According to Molly Ball, this action was repeated nationwide on a grand scale and included a very large segment of the big tech, big money, big media, establishment political class irrespective of political affiliation. State Laws were circumvented and changed at will to allow masses of questionable votes to be cast using mail-in voting, same day registration, massive get out the vote efforts and many first time voting procedures that were labeled as necessary because of the Covid Pandemic, and became law without actually being passed by the State Legislatures. This pattern was repeated in key states nationwide, then given the appearance of legitimacy by a progressive mainstream media that was all in on the plan to sell Americans the “keep walking, there is nothing to see here” pitch to keep the ugly, stolen election, truth from surfacing. But it hasn't worked!

Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and other Democrat critics of the Dominion and Smart-Matic computerized voting systems, suddenly became full supporters of these machines when the results were skewed in their favor, despite extensive evidence that using these systems made elections easily hackable and results permanently unreliable.

Not everyone fell for the big lie, and some started connecting the dots between the money trail, foreign election interference, and the key players in this plan to make sure that the Trump Presidency ended for good on January 20, 2021.

The question now before us: is America ready to wake up and realize the enormity of our constitutional dilemma, demand extensive election reforms, and mete justifiably strict punishment for those involved in the steal? Will we refuse to accept the destruction of the honest elections we hold dear, and protect our children, grandchildren and posterity from living under totalitarian rule? The only reasonable answer is YES, WE MUST!Wake Up America

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Jim CarlsonJames Carlson – Managing Partner of Stillwater Technical Solutions

His 30 year professional career includes work as an Electrical Engineer in the Electrical Utility Industry and in the consulting sector, with notable contributions to public policy, startup and administration of trade associations, electric infrastructure project management, and federal regulatory affairs.

James Carlson is the Managing Partner of Stillwater Technical Solutions, a for profit consultancy with expertise in intergovernmental policymaking, administrative review of governmental land use and natural resource initiatives, technical assessments, and litigation spotting. Carlson is Executive Director of the Kansas Natural Resources Coalition, an instrumentality association of county governments; and most recently he started the Boundary Line Foundation, a non-profit corporation that seeks to restore the national balance of power by bringing education and resources to County governments and local citizens during federal decision making at the local level.

Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security. Ms. Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.

Because of her extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, her information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones conducted a 15 month investigation of the Port Canaveral deal and the collusion between top Obama Administration officials and foreign nationals that would be considered enemies of America.  Their most recent work has exposed a CIA sponsored program called The Hammer and Scorecard that was intended for use by our intelligence communities to fight the enemies of America.  The software designer, Dennis Montgomery turned over thumb drives full of data showing how the Obama Administration used the Hammer and Scorecard to spy against American citizens and to impact the 2016 election.

Their most recent project was the uncovering and expose’ of massive vote flipping by foreign nationals from around the world; primarily communist China,
and research for the documentary film: Absolute Proof


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