Dawn of Global Government


when scientific evidence cannot be produced or replicated, can it really be called science?? Dr. Tim Ball will join us this week for an update...
Only By Blood and Suffering

The Death of Lavoy Finicum

...political assassination or justifiable homicide?  You decide! A few days after Jeanette Finicum did her heartfelt and widely viewed presentation at the Red Pill Expo...

Environmentalism As Spiritualism

...is the new green religion really good for humanity? Tonight we will be examining the new green religion that seems to be competing with, co-opting,...
Green Earth

UN Agenda 21 and Local Governments

…how America is losing local control by stealth UN Agenda 21 has a litany of programs and agents of change operating under the banner of...

The Role of Constitutional Sheriffs

...protecting citizens from the tyranny of globalism. The increasing push by progressives to implement global governance has led to the rapid decline of individual rights...

What Green Really Means

how foundation money funds the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Under the Constitution there were to be 3 branches of government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) that...

When Propaganda Passes for Science

using propaganda to sell climate policy A basic premise of legitimate science is the continual testing of scientific theories to assure their accuracy and to...


...tools of the New World Order Alex Newman, & Debbie Bacigalupi, join Dan to  discuss the Balkanization of Europe and America by U.N. plutocrats determined...

Is Environmentalism ANTI-HUMANISM?

A paradigm shift occurred with the creation of the President's Council on Sustainable Development in 1994, under Bill Clinton. Thereafter, government priorities went from...
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Using Propaganda to Sell Climate Policy

might be the climate hustle

The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business On Instagram

All right. Well, take care yourself. I guess that's what you're best, presence old master? A tremor in the Force. The last time felt...