Sunday, September 23, 2018

Deep State Politics – progressive attempts to end representative government

…progressive attempts to end representative government The events following the end of the Obama presidency and the overt attempts to destroy the fledgling Trump Administration...

Selling America’s Ports to our Enemies – Part 2

Connecting the Dots in the transfer of critical port facility management to hostile foreign agents... Treason at the Highest Levels of government. The transfer of...
The Betrayal Papersvideo

Selling of America’s Ports to our Enemies

...treason at the highest levels of government Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at Washington Times...

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Why have we done nothing to harden our electrical grid? Several weeks ago we learned from Mary Fanning and Alan Jones how massive security breaches...

The Role and Responsibilities of Local/County Governments

 ....why regionalism and Federal overreach must be stopped.  Our guest Jim Carlson will discuss the nature and extent of Federal overreach and the impacts of...