Sunday, September 23, 2018

American / Russian Relations – why they are so important to world peace

why they are so important for world peace Progressives are rattling their sabers and using the most defamatory rhetoric to paint Russia as an evil...

The Role of Constitutional Sheriffs

...protecting citizens from the tyranny of globalism. The increasing push by progressives to implement global governance has led to the rapid decline of individual rights...

Individualism vs Collectivism and The De Jure Republic

World Collectivist Government or The De-Jure Republic? Today we live in a brave new world where words have been twisted and changed to mean something...

The End of Local Government: Regional Blueprint

Regional Government A Blueprint for the Future!       Michael Shaw and Dr. Michael Coffman join Dan in a discussion of the Replacement of local governments and...

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Why have we done nothing to harden our electrical grid? Several weeks ago we learned from Mary Fanning and Alan Jones how massive security breaches...

The Role and Responsibilities of Local/County Governments

 ....why regionalism and Federal overreach must be stopped.  Our guest Jim Carlson will discuss the nature and extent of Federal overreach and the impacts of...