The planned cashless Society is a trap.  CBDC digital money is a means of complete societal control that we must resist.

I predicted the 2008 financial collapse in late 2007, but did not comprehend the extraordinary level of debt the Fed, IMF, World Bank, WEF and International Banking Cartels would be able to shove down the throats of the American taxpayers.

The banking cartels have turned finance into a limitless Ponzi scheme that will end only if & when we resist their plans for monetary control.  Until then, we had better be ready for anything.  Recent U.S. and European bank failures presage the “Great Reset” of the global banking system announced in 2021 by the SEF President, Klause Schwab.  It's clear that all sovereign fiat currencies tied directly to the IMF and World Bank are meant to implode together and morph into a single global digital payment system.

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Guest: Jeff L. Wright is a former Cryptologic Tech-analyst, Systems Engineer for NSG/NSA, Engineering Manager at Air Force Space Command, Senior and Chief Consulting Engineer for Bell Labs…
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Book: The Citizen's Last Stand: Are You Ready

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