Christie Hutcherson – Women Fighting For America

Christie Hutcherson – is the Founder/Leading Spokesperson of Women Fighting For America LLC (WFFA), an organization promoting the role of women in American constitutional government. She is an outspoken Christian and advocate for America's soul and moral compass in the Judeo-Christian foundation that undergirds the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
As a professional woman, she advances women's contributions to the American dream through the hard work and patriotic zeal that makes American women unique in all the world. Her role as mother and wife fuels her fight for education, the future of children, and the protection of family in American society.
Christie is also CEO/Founder of Global Engine Solutions, a woman-owned business whicxh supports strategic DOD initiatives supporting American national sovereignty. She networks with political conservative think tanks and prominent family advocacy groups to support the role of women in family structures. She is a member of the NRA and outspoken advocate for Second Amendment rights. She served on the 2020 Trump Presidential Committee, as a Duval County poll watcher in Florida, was an organizer for Florida's Strong America Now organization, and for the North Florida Tea Party.
She has been married for 26 years to Robert Hutcherson, a small business owner and U.S. Air Force veteran and author of the book “Organizational Optimization. She is the mother of twin brothers Daniel and Benjamin.