Average Americans are woefully ignorant of how twisted, bizarre and diabolical much of our recent history really is.  This evil is extends to many of our key political leaders and institutions who have their roots firmly tethered to some of the most outrageous and criminal acts against mankind.  A case in point is a program known as MK Ultra, a mind control program clandestinely run by our own CIA, and used against thousands of innocents across America, including small children.

This program had it's roots in the Nazi mind control experiments using chemical drugs to alter behavior and make people subservient to authority.  Sandoz Labs, in Basil, Switzerland had a close working relationship before and during WWII with I.G. Farben, the largest chemical company in Germany, providing many of the experimental drugs used by Nazi scientists on their unwitting victims in the various concentration (death) camps scattered around the Reich.

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Guest: Juliette Engel, MD – Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives.  Sold by her father into the CIA’s secret Monarch MK Ultra program.

Guest: Elizabeth Your – Liz is a sought after speaker and expert on human trafficking and child protection issues.  She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as a child protection expert and commentator on a range of issues, including child protection, child exploitation, human trafficking, global pedophile networks and other related issues.

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At the end of the war, many of the scientists and engineers that were part of the Nazi war machine escaped the Nuremburg Trials and were smuggled out of Germany by the American government through a program called Operation Paper Clip.  Joseph Schieder aka Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, was one of the benefactors of this clandestine Nazi braintrust.  Gottlieb sponsored Nazi scientists working on mind control experiments as he became the head of the CIA mind control program called MK Ultra.

At the behest of CIA Director Allen Dulles, Gottlieb sent CIA agents with suitcases of cash to Sandoz Labs in Switzerland to buy up every last drop of a hallucinogenic drug known as LSD, and to secure the patent rights. Thus began the infamous MK Ultra mind control experiments that turned thousands of Americans into lab rats for the government.  If this wasn't bad enough, these experiments extended to children as young as 3 years old, and included experiments in prostitution, pedophilia, satanism, blackmail, witchcraft, cannibalism, rape, slavery and murder. Absolutely nothing was beyond the imagination of CIA MK Ultra controllers who destroyed the lives of countless innocents during their 20+ year experiment that only ended when they were exposed by the Church Commission.

In the 1960s with the VietNam War underway, the CIA became one of the world's largest drug running operations through a program called Air America where opium, heroin, and other highly addictive drugs were brought back to America from Laos, often in the body bags and sometimes hidden in the body cavities of our dead soldiers being brought home for burial.  The drugs were sold in the inner cities and around America to fund the many CIA black operations.  Arkancide victim Barry Seal had confirmed that he ran drugs for the CIA and the Medellin Cartel into the Mena Arkasas Airport with the full knowledge of Governor Bill Clinton and Vice President turned President/former CIA Director George H.W. Bush.  Although taxpayers have spent well over a trillion dollars fighting the War on Drugs, somehow the problem justs keeps getting worse……..gee, I wonder why?

Sadly, most Americans think they are supporting either a benign form of responsible socialism under Democratic leadership, or they are supporting free market capitalism under Republican leadership.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Whether we care to acknowledge or understand the truth about the world we live in, we are caught in a battle between good and evil that has been in process for millennia, and unless we wake up and fight back, nothing we do will change that.  Although there are many in government with good intentions, far too many in the highest leadership positions are part of a cabal that sold out America long ago to the forces of globalism along two similarly evil but differing tracks.

The so-called left think in terms of an idealized cultural Marxist/communist utopia that has never existed, and cannot exist when any group of men and women are given control over others……a key feature of communism.  Because of the unlimited egos and unbounded greed of powerful men and women, it just can't work.  Without the hand of God, men are just too damned selfish and greedy to be given that kind of power over others.

The so-called right tend to see the world through the eyes of the corporate fascist that equates people as markets for their products and money making schemes.  Although they claim to represent free markets, everything they do screams croney capitalism where monopolies thrive at the expense of individual enterprise and the powerful corporatists buy the influence of select politicians at the expense of the population at large.

Both groups are directed and financed by a very powerful elite of international bankers and corporatists who know how to exploit the naivety and gullibility of political hacks and the population at large, and feel that their superior intellect and understanding of personal power make them ideally suited to control everyone and everything.  With the amazing recent advancements in technology at their command, they see a world under their leadership functioning as a technocratic feudal society where only a handful of the most powerful elite own everything, control everyone, and maintain an iron grip on society through their control of technology and communications.  That is exactly where we are today; corporate fascists who believe in national socialism, cultural Marxists that believe in international socialism.  Both groups are atheistic and both believe in total control of everyone and everything by powerful rulers, and here we sit waiting for the next shoe to drop as we are swept downstream by these two evil groups and their feudalistic masters.

Oh, did I mention Pope Francis, the world's first openly Marxist, Green Pontiff who is destroying traditional Catholicism, promoting secular humanism, and sheltering serial pedophiles within the church hierarchy.


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Juliette Engel, MD – In her remarkable book, SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick, Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives.  In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program.  At age ten, she was selected for Sex Magick because she was tall, smart, and pretty.  Throughout childhood, she was subjected to physical and mental torture including sexual abuse in the process of creating multiple identites.  As a teenager, she was trained in the art of seduction, physics, ariosophy, cybernetics and genocide at the Stanford Research Institute and Hoover Institution in preparation for life undercover in Russia.

At the age of seventeen, she escaped and lived as a free person through university and medical school becoming a physician, marrying and having a family without any memory of her childhood. In 1990, she sold her medical practice and moved to Moscow to found the Angel Coalition, an underground railroad that rescued and repatriated thousands of trafficking victims, mostly children.  Dr. Engel's story will break your heart, but also shows the incredible resilience of the human spirit, and how personal faith and God's grace can pull us through any test of emotional or physical strength.  Get Juliette's Book:

Elizabeth Yore – previously served as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. for 5 years.  In that position, she acted as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate both with the Oprah Winfrey Show and in South Africa at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.  Prior to that position, Liz was General Counsel for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois statewide child welfare agency.  At DCFS, Liz created the first missing child unit, which required the DCFS to immediately notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children when a foster child went missing.  Illinois has been the leader in that initiative.  She also spearheaded a program to aggressively investigate and prosecute the first federal human trafficking cases involving DCFS wards.  Prior to DCFS, Liz was General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia, and its first Director of the International Division handling international child abduction cases.  Liz is a sought after speaker and expert on human trafficking and child protection issues.  She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as a child protection expert and commentator on a range of issues, including child protection, child exploitation, human trafficking, global pedophile networks and other related issues.  Elizabeth serves on a national coalition of various anti-FGM groups and heads ENDFGMToday.

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