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Connecting the Dots between radical environmentalism and the expansion of global communism is a very simple process. Read the benchmark publication by the Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” and it becomes much easier to link the promoters of global collectivist government with the so-called green revolution. Communist ideology is a signature component of most environmental NGOs. They generally equate capitalism and economic development to the destruction of the natural world, while promoting unlimited government control of human activity from cradle to grave and eugenics as the panacea to save “Mother Earth” from total environmental devastation.

Follow the money and it almost always leads back to the same indisputable conclusion; those who have prospered most by living in a capitalist system are some of the most outspoken promoters of policies that keep everyone else from sharing the same economic and political success. Billionaires like the Fords, Rockefeller Family, Bill Gates & George Soros set up tax exempt foundations that buy politicians, fund virtually every major effort to limit economic development/reduce human population, and promote collectivist global/technocratic government. This hypocrisy is well known to those who track the funding of the green machine. To showcase how communism has always been the “Rosemary's Baby” of the ultra rich is to understand that secular humanism and communism is the heart and soul of climate change policy and international environmentalism.

Knowing that professional political hacks like Al Gore and Al Gore Senior (both members of the Club of Rome) were close associates and recipients of large financial gifts from ultra rich communist insiders like Armand Hammer, and that the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation were the largest contributors to deposed communist leader Michail Gorbachev's Green Cross International, is to understand the ties between the modern green movement, climate change zealots, Marxist politicians, and overt attempts to destroy American free enterprise. It also explains why they hate President Trump and the flyover country “deplorables” who elected him, with such passion.

Hear from two learned men how junk science and openly racist eugenicists partnered with Marxist politicians, campus radicals, and climate change zealots to create the witch's brew known as “sustainable development”.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic!!

Paul DriessenPAUL DRIESSEN – is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Heartland Institute; public policy institutes that promote environmental stewardship, enhanced human health and welfare, and personal liberties and civil rights. He writes and speaks regularly on environmental, energy and economic development, malaria eradication, climate change, human rights, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development issues.

Driessen’s book, Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death, documents the harm that restrictive environmental policies often have on poor families in developing countries, by restricting access to life-enhancing modern technologies. It is has been published in the United States, Argentina (Spanish), India (English), Germany (German) and Italy (Italian). He also co-wrote Cracking Big Green: Saving the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine (with Ron Arnold), Miracle Molecule: Carbon dioxide, gas of life, and Climate Hype Exposed.

Paul Driessen booksAmazon link

David Wojick – has an unusual background. He has a degree in civil engineering plus a Ph.D. In philosophy of science. Many years ago he was on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon, where he helped found their Department ofEngineering and Public Policy. But for most of his career he has been a free lance critic of government policy. He says he works the intersection of science, technology and policy, especially in the area of energy and environment. These days fighting climate change hysteria is his number one passion.

For more articles written by David Wojick for CFACT please go to: https://www.cfact.org/author/dwojick/. http://ccdedu.blogspot.com

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