America and the world are being drawn into a war that could devastate humanity and create permanent chaos. For what purpose?

I normally do interviews with guests during my podcasts, but several days ago two different friends sent me links to several videos that together connect many dots and go a long way toward explaining current events and why our so-called leaders seem hell-bent on getting us into WW3.

I decided that it's time to show both videos together to explain the “big picture” in a way that almost anyone can understand and save my guests for future podcasts.

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There are myriad reasons that our country and world have descended into economic, social and political chaos, but they all boil down to a lust for money and power by a handful of megalomaniacs in the final stages of either consolidating their hold over humanity to gain world domination or being exposed and destroyed for the ungodly mess they have created for their 8 billion human victims.

There exists a phenomenon in Scottish folklore called “the Quickening” where time and events accelerate as they approach their finale. That phenomenon is happening today, but it is neither coincidental or harmless.

It is the result of centuries of ruthless manipulation by a class of evil men under satanic influences. Although our nation was initially founded by educated and decent men that understood God's role in making us free by giving us un-alienable rights to life, liberty and property; from the very beginning our nation has been attacked by those determined agents of globalism using Luciferian hegemony.

Although many of you can't get your arms around the true scope of the global elite eugenics/depopulation plan and their total contempt for the billions of “useless eaters” they plan to eliminate from the face of the earth, their published documents call for a die off of at least 90% of all human life on earth.

The remaining 7% will be controlled by them through the melding of man and machine, a process called transhumanism, where a handful of ultra rich and powerful men own everything on earth, leveraging technology and a handful of willing lackeys to subjugate the remaining human race to their service.

The global elite were followers of Malthusian schemes to control population since before the population reached 1 billion people and this mania has accelerated as population increases and technological advances open the door to political intrigues.

The freedoms that all US citizens took for granted a few generations ago are being threatened in 21st Century America by enemies of all things we hold dear including national sovereignty and our right to exist as creations of a divine God.

Using fear and intimidation through their controlled press, a false reality has been supplanted into the American psyche that turns friends into enemies, brother against brother, races, sexes and religions into mortal enemies, and nation against nation; all trying to destroy one another at the behest of the most diabolical propaganda campaign in human history.

The battle between good and evil is entering the final chapter. Evil has had an extraordinary run and is well funded and manned by the global elite, but they have very important handicaps to be exploited.

Their every action is based on deceit and lies that are obvious and provable if we are just willing to do the necessary homework. The internet is an amazing research tool for good because of the limitless information available to those who chose to use it.

Information from millions of open sources are available to anyone willing to take the time and effort to expand their horizons beyond the narrow confines of Public Education and the controlled media. Those not capable or inclined to read, now have millions of hours of video productions on every subject in the universe and beyond.

Although there have been extensive efforts to control and censor the internet, these efforts have had poor results and often the political blow back far exceeds any rewards for those seeking to censor us.

Recent FBI statements listing Trump supporters and MAGA adherents as domestic terrorists have put the vast voting majority of Americans on notice that those of us warning of the impending Marxist takeover of America were right after all and that the vocal minority currently ruling America are willing to go to any extreme to silence and destroy their opposition, especially former president Trump.

Unless we react now and start exposing this evil movement, the world will be forever changed in ways that may not be reversable. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to stand in defense of our great republic and hold those traitors to the US Constitution accountable for their actions.

Please join us in our quest to Connect the Dots and expose evil.

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