Are current events pointing to the fulfillment of bible prophesy and the end times?

As a follow-up to our Sunday Connecting the Dots, we should begin to understand that the “total transformation” of America that started well over a century ago, is not only not inevitably circumstantial, it is very intentional with the end goal of destroying all religion…….Christianity in particular.  Although very few politicians are willing to admit that they are not Christians, most only go through the trappings of being believers in the Church to get votes for re-election.  And although there are some who might be true believers, they are very definitely in the minority and often willing to deny Christ as circumstances dictate.

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Guest: Celeste Solum – is an author, and former FEMA employee and whistleblower. Celeste has studied the World Economic Forum in great detail and will outline the plans for global technocracy and the end to national sovereignty that is part of this plan to control humanity.  How does one prepare for catastrophes of biblical proportion?

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We could not have possibly gone so far down many wrong paths if had followed the biblical underpinnings that guided the Founders to create the greatest system of limited government ever conceived by man.  Although this system of limited government was primarily intended to free men from the bonds of the monarchy, it also had many limitations that assured us that no class of men or political institution could ever garner the power to destroy rule of law and the rights of individuals.

What is rule of law?  It is a system of laws that guarantee the rights of all men, and provides well defined limitations on the power of government.  The foundation of this concept is was known as “natural law” and is tied directly to our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with the term UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Although the process of destroying rule of law and the underlying God's Law – Natural Law foundation took two centuries and an almost unlimited amount of deceit to accomplish, it is nearing it's finale……..accelerating at warp speed to a conclusion that was Biblically foretold several millennia ago.  And, of course, the whole world looks to the United States of America as the last bastion of freedom and the most Christian nation on earth……….meaning that they look to us to save the whole of humanity.  Will we do the right thing?  Will we finally show the will and the understanding to make God centered choices that matter?  Will we return to the ideas that underpin the whole concept of freedom before we are forced to bear the wrath of God and the many tribulations foretold in the Bible?  We have the choice, and we have the tools…..but do we have the will?

Our opposition has learned to use the many tools that totalitarians have used throughout history to control mankind.  They have learned to use deceit, mistrust, fear, greed, lust and human weakness to gradually destroy our understanding of God and the concept of salvation that is the essence of the Christian faith.  They have destroyed the family and replaced logic and common sense with visual stimulation and immorality.

Television and computer technology has replaced most of what was traditional learning with a dumbed down version that requires little more than participation.  As a consequence, most children today educated in government schools are in varying degrees, functionally illiterate and/or incapable of making rational decisions based on learned knowledge. Reading has become a process of semi-literate texting and following the lamestream media indoctrination program that has grown out of a media owned and controlled by a handful of people who all sing from the same Marxist songbook………the same people who also control the schools and much of Big Tech.

The world of physical pleasure and secular humanism has replaced much of our Christian faith, and it does not help that many of the classical institutions of Christian learning are falling for the same swan song of liberalism that is driving most of secular society.  To be hip or inclusive has taken over many Churches worldwide and is in the process of destroying the whole concept of salvation through sacrifice and discernment.  We are told that anything goes, any lifestyle is acceptable, as long as we all treat others with kindness and respect we can have salvation without Christ.  This is sick.

Are we nearing the end times and the fulfillment of Bible prophesy?  Should we return to the lessons that make salvation possible and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior?

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