Dear President Elect Trump – How to Make America Great Again


Connecting the Dots for President-elect Trump – A message from Patriots

A Special 2-hour broadcast where Dan Happel and 23 of his friends will have 5 minutes each to point out the “fundamental changes” that are destroying the United States and to help President-elect Trump identify solutions to help “Make America Great Again”.

The guest line-up:

G. Edward Griffin

James Jaeger

John McManus

Edwin Vieira

Michael Shaw

Bill Coate

Patrick Wood

M.G. Paul Vallely

Ken Ivory

Judy Boyle

Debbie Bacigalupi

Paul Driessen

Holly Swanson

Elaine Willman

Debra Lamm

Hank Vogler

Jeff Wright

Jim Beers

Alex Newman

Chuck Floyd

Larry Kogan

Jim White

Cliff Gardner


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