Dear President Elect Trump Part 2-message of freedom


Colonial America was blessed with the inspired leadership that created the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These documents guaranteed citizens the individual liberty and rights to property that have been the cornerstones of our American exceptionalism for 230 years.

Respect for the rule of law, individualism and personal responsibility were unique to America, and molded the greatest and most successful nation on earth. Sadly, poor choices for leadership of the past 116 years erased many of the core values of true liberty, and many current leaders are re-writing history to paint America as the the enemy of mankind, not the beacon of freedom. We have been suffering from a deficit of moral leadership, and are nearing the point of no return if we wish to remain a free, constitutional, sovereign republic. This must change immediately.

This Christmas Special Broadcast includes some of the past Connecting the Dots guests that were not available to be part of our Thanksgiving Special Broadcast, but wanted to be included in our message to President-Elect Trump, to point out the fundamental changes that are destroying the American dream and to help President-Elect Trump identify policy solutions that will Make America Great Again. God Bless America as we give thanks for one last chance to restore the republic.

Friends of Freedom for this broadcast:

Harriet Hageman, Tom DeWeese, Mindy Patterson, Tim Ball, Brand Thornton, Elias Alias
Bruce Moran, Chuck Untersee, Trevor Loudon, Shawna Cox, Tom Osborne, J.D. King, Harry Booyens
Michael Coffman, Bob Fanning, Jim Geiger

Join Host Dan Happel on Connecting the Dots

Tuesday’s 9:00am Mtn/11:00am Est.

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