I will be interviewing Bob Fanning and Charles Ortel in an expose’ of Deep State collusion within the Federal Reserve system and more specifically, Federal Open Market Committee decisions.

Our discussion this week will look at recent policy decisions by the FOMC and the Federal Reserve Governors that are causing turmoil in the markets and threaten to destroy the dollar and national sovereignty during the Trump Presidency.  Is this merely bad policy, or is it part of a planned economic collapse by a deep state partner working with global special interests to promote world socialist government.

Bob Fanning and Charles Ortel will explore recent Fed decisions and how they will impact the economic health and stability of America at a time when we are just beginning to see a semblance of real recovery because of President Trump’s America First focus.

Recent events and disclosure of illegal and treasonous acts by government agencies and elected officials have forced average Americans to open their eyes to the reality of an America much different than the vision of our founders.  We are facing a crisis of trust in our government institutions and this radio program is meant to expose the people and forces behind  Deep State policies.

Bob Fanning ran for Governor of Montana in 2012 on a platform of fiscal restraint, moneyRobert Fanning backed by precious metals, and protection of wildlife and livestock against federal introduction of Canadian wolves to the Yellowstone area. Robert has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and a Registered Representative of the New York Stock Exchange / Commodity-Futures Commission. His theme is: “Standing against two-legged wolves.”

He is a multifaceted leader with extensive hands-on experience in engineering, manufacturing, global sales and negotiation, and finance. Proven ability to embrace complex issues, articulate problems, and find correct solutions quickly by leveraging any necessary forces. Able to assemble highly effective talent, pull disparate individuals together for common good, instill confidence and inspire team dedication to the objectives. Innovative, with a reputation for fierce loyalty, integrity, honor and intelligence. Tremendous energy, dogged determination, pioneering spirit.

Charles OrtelCharles Ortel is a private investor and writer who has been exposing multinational and nonprofit fraud since 2007, following a career in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and investment management.

Since early 2015, Charles has been investigating state, federal, and foreign filings of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation as well as those of the many affiliates of that entity, which holds itself out as being a publicly supported charity. Based on his ongoing review of this evidence, Charles believes this network of charities is the largest unprosecuted and ongoing fraud in history, involving sums that may reach many hundreds of billions of dollars or more, counting presently known affiliates and donors as well as insiders who may have garnered illegal private gains through their involvement.

So far, Charles has appeared in two documentaries, Clinton, Inc. (2016), and one concerning “Fake News” that is in development.

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