Although animal rights groups claim to care only about animal rights, look at their funding sources and allies to understand their real agenda.

The anti-humanity network of UN sanctioned NGOs surrounding the animal rights movement are intimately interconnected with communist front organizations and radical environmental ideologies that share a common vision for the world.  Their vision of utopia is a world where appointed, not elected, government bureaucrats and special interests control every aspect of daily existence and humans are confined to human hives known as mega-cities while nature controls the remaining 99% of the planet; unless of course you are very rich or one of the chosen few who make all the rules for the rest of us.  Very little of this vision makes any sense at all unless you kick in the eugenics programs that also reduce the human population by as much as 95%.  Anyone not willing to comply with their totalitarian vision is automatically culled from the herd, with the remainder closely monitored to assure absolute compliance with “the plan”.

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Guest: Jim Beers served as a US Navy Line Officer onboard ship in the western Pacific.  Jim retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2000 where he served as a career wildlife biologist, US Special Agent, Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations, wetland biologist, program analyst, and Congressional Fellow.

Guest: Mindy Patterson is the president and co-founder of The Cavalry Group LLC, a national leader in protecting and defending the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners and animal-related businesses.

Sound absurd?  Maybe you had best do a little of your own research into the radical organizations behind the animal rights movement and the UN Framework on Sustainable Development referred to as Agenda 21/2030.  Then again, maybe you might want to look up UN studies that show that meat consumption must end for a sustainable future and be replaced with human consumption of insect protein.  What a charming thought; instead of beef, we can look forward to cockroach fillets or earthworms when we get an urge for a rib steak or tenderloin.

Think I'm exaggerating, research for yourself and you might begin to understand how committed to screwy ideas some people are…..people in high level national and international positions of power.  And lest you think that eliminating meat from your diet is the only part of animal rights that apply to you, think again.  Pet ownership is considered slavery by animal rights leaders, while ranching or any other form of animal husbandry is genocide, but killing humans through abortion is considered OK……..for the good for the planet.

Prince Phillip, recently deceased patriach of the British Crown, devout Marxist, and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund was candid in his disdain for humans which he often referred to as a stain on the planet; “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”  However evil that may seem, you must understand that only applies to “the little people and unwashed masses, obviously not royalty or the criminal elite.  His widespread popularity within the “environmental justice” movement was bolstered by his support for Marxist dictators and UN Agenda 21/2030 population reduction programs…..get the point!

The rewilding of America and the World has been underway in a big way for the past 50 + years as an outgrowth of policies developed by the elitist Club of Rome in 1968 as a program to control humanity.  And, although we are told that UN Agenda 21/2030 is a strictly volunteer program, most US Presidents as well as other international leaders have signed on in such totality that average Americans really have never had a voice in this unconstitutional decision making process.  Furthermore, although any international treaties are supposed to become law only with ratification by 2/3rds of the Senate (which in this case never happened), 90% of all new US laws and regulations contain sustainable development language that conforms to the UN goals of Sustainable Development.  We are moving at light speed into a world where individual rights, property and free speech have no relevance in a New World Order of surveillance state, tightly controlled technocracy where humans are kept in virtual cages and animals allowed to roam free.

Most Americans have had the freedom to travel at will, resulting in unprecedented advancements in all areas of technology and commerce in under-developed as well as developed economies around the world.  That is about to come to an end.  The USA Patriot Act made air travel much more difficult, and we are about to see massive new restrictions on how we travel, how often, and for what purpose.  It is no accident that fuel prices have more than doubled in the past 16 months with no end in sight.  Didn't Barack Obama tell us back in 2009 that energy costs under his anti-carbon agenda for America “would necessarily skyrocket”.

Since the China Joe Obiden Presidency is little more than a poorly concealed and unconstitutional 3rd Obama term, should we be all that surprised that all the stops to the New World Order are being pulled before thinking Americans have time to react?

Fabricated and real crisis will lead to food shortages, dollar devaluation, lockdowns, plandemics, vaccine mandates, travel restrictions and economic sanctions; all affecting the working poor and elderly disproportionately and ultimately leading to a mass die-off.

The green agenda is only green when you look at the money lining the pockets of the global elite and their useful idiots that fill the ranks of environmental/animal rights NGOs and the many communist front groups.  Wake up America, the Animal Rights movement is an Anti-Humanity movement.

Wake Up America

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