The old saying “you are what you eat” couldn't be closer to reality, especially as our food sources become less natural and chemicals replace a healthy diet as part of daily life.  Although American agriculture has benefited in amazing ways from innovation and new technologies in food production, not every new idea has been properly vetted for efficacy as a healthy food source.

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Guest: Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.  (Full Bio Below)

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Almost every major food crop has seen genetic modification to make it grow faster, larger, more plentiful and with less natural predation from insects and disease.  A case in point is RoundUp ready GMO modified corn, which is almost universally planted across America.  The same can be said for wheat, oats, rice, soy and other cereal crops that make up large percentages of our daily diet and contain built in pesticide DNA to increase yield through resistence to pests. Although the field of Agronomy has done many wonderful things to improve the bottom line for farmers around the world, we are only beginning to understand the long term impacts of bioengineered plants and foodstuffs in the area of human health.  This in combination with mineral depletion and greatly modified soil biology on over farmed soils, many medical conditions and diseases that were virtually unknown 100 years ago have become commonplace and cancer has skyrocketed. Meanwhile we lack a reasonable understanding of how our chemically dependent Agribusiness food producers figure into that equation.

Agriculture has transformed over the past 75 years from a very labor intensive but quite natural family operation to a highly mechanized, chemically dependent system of corporate landholdings with small farms and ranches being swallowed up and otherwise falling by the wayside. Futhermore, livestock producers and animal husbandry has followed much the same script with growth hormones and GMO modified animal feed the norm nationwide for operators producing most of our dietary animal protein.

Organic farming and ranching operations once considered eccentric or quaint, has become much more fashionable as the connections between genetically modified foods and health problems come home to roost.  Increasingly, we are made aware of the cause and effect links between man-made chemicals and the man made diseases overwhelming our health care systems.

With the recent push for vaccination worldwide to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming clear to thinking people that something sinister is afoot.  The cries for total lockdowns and warnings that death by Covid is imminent if we don't succomb to Draconian government edicts, doesn't seem to square with actual death statistics. Even with promises of large cash bonuses for hospitals identifying Covid cases and the glaring statistical absence of deaths by influenza, heart attacks and other natural causes since the advent of Covid, the total death by illness statistics have declined slightly since 2019 despite an expectation of increases due to our aging population.

Moreover, the vaccine related deaths and serious health problems that are being intentionally underreported by the lamestream media make us question the motivation of universal mandatory vaccination with products that are not thoroughly tested.  We can't avoid seeing the well coordinated propaganda campaign being waged worldwide by government technocrats selling total submission to top down government control of every aspect of our lives.  This certainly is not the American consgovernment of free men we have grown to revere and cherish.

Today we will explore the areas of natural health, nutrition and traditional medicines as alternatives to the takeover by Big Pharma and Big Ag of human health.
There are alternatives to the drugging of America and the world
……………… least for now.

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This Weeks Guest Profile

Dr Brad Weeks MDDr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. is the Founder and Medical Director of Alternative Health Advocates (AHA), an advocacy service for people seeking counsel when facing life threatening illnesses and the Corrective Health Institute Medical Education Services (CHIMES) offering life saving information for people seeking healthy strategies. Located on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Weeks has over 35 years of experienceintegrating conventional and innovative medicine into the field of “corrective” medicine and psychiatry which identifies and corrects deficiencies and toxicities on the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual spheres. Early work with venoms led to a study in immunology and in 1985, he founded and was president of the American Apitherapy Society while editing the society journal “BeeWell.

Mentoring by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD led to Dr. Weeks serving on the board of the International Schizophrenia Foundation for 10 years and helping develop orthomolecular psychiatry and psycho-neuro-immunology. The focus of his work has always been education towards empowerment and freedom for the individual struggling towards health. A charter and founding member of International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians he is one of 3 doctors in the USA who is certified to teach insulin potentiation chemotherapy (IPT) to medical doctors. He offers “centisble” (i.e. safe, effective and cost-effective) therapeutic options for people facing life-threatening chronic degenerative diseases. A pioneer in onco-immunology, he has lectured over the past 10 years about the revolution in oncology teaching that cancer STEM cells (the only cells which metastasize) should be the target for treatment, and not the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells (which chemotherapy and radiation target). ( Dr. Weeks has developed effective “centsible” cancer treatments including potent anti-inflammatory and genetic repair protocols.

Constantly challenged by orthodox oncologists and state medical boards, Dr. Weeks became, out of necessity, politically active and founded the Washington Integrative Medical Association to help citizens protect their health care freedom of choice. His political work is amplified by serving on the board of the Government Accountability Program (GAP) and the nations oldest organization championing heath care freedom: “NHF” The National Health Federation where he serves on the board as Vice-Chairman. Dr. Weeks publishes a newsletter Centsible Health which is free to those interested in learning about tomorrow’s medicine today!

( In 2004 Dr. Weeks founded a collaborative effort with other pioneering integrative medical doctors called the Corrective Health Institute (CHI) whose mission in to educate bureaucrats who purchase health care services that safer and more effective and more cost effective public health option are available and that these public servants should listen to other voices than the conflict of interest ridden sales people from big pHARMa.

Since Dr. Weeks’ medical license is constantly attacked by medical board who are terrified of the economic competition which integrative doctors represent to standard of care doctors, Dr. Weeks also saves people’s lives through a medical education service CHIMES (Corrective Health Institute Medical Education Services) where he offers descriptive and not prescriptive information about how clients can optimize their care with their local doctors. Information if power and in the case of CHIMES clients, that power can be life saving! Dr. Weeks’ revolutionary health optimization videos are available at no charge on his YouTube channel
Here is his CV:
Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.
PO Box 304 Clinton, WA 98236 360-341-2303

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