Bombshell – Dr. David Martin… The Covid-19 Crime Exposed!

The entirety of this thing was an organized criminal conspiracy.  We have enemies foreign and domestic, and they have admitted to their crimes in public.  This is not an investigation.  All we have to do is charge the crime.  Because they have already admitted to it.

This is the perpetrators with their own published statements.

Any Attorney General that ignores this, is not concerned about the best interests of their citizens.  Because the evidence is so direct and so compelling, there's no way anyone can avoid seeing the truth if they just open their eyes and look.

1000 Doctors in Germany are filing a lawsuit against forced vaccinations.  Watch Dr. David Martin's explosive interview with those doctors, followed by Dan Happel's interview with Dr. David Martin – Connecting the Dots.

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Guest: Dr. David Martin – See Dr. Martin Live at The Red Pill Expo
Documentary: Indoctornation – Plandemic Exposed

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