Regional Government
A Blueprint for the Future! 


Michael Shaw and Dr. Michael Coffman join Dan in a discussion of the Replacement of local governments and elected officials with Regionally Appointed governments. These groups are known as COGs (Councils of Government) and are straight out of the ICLEI (the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) sustainable development playbook.

COGs have one purpose and one purpose only…….end local, democratically elected governments, and replace them with autocratically controlled regional bureaucracies willing to promote sustainability and one world socialist government.
Michael Shaw was raised in Southern California and came to central California to attend college. He now lives in Santa Cruz Co.He has practiced as a CPA and as an attorney. From his continuing experience with the county's confiscation of his land use, he learned in 2000 that the Santa Cruz political economics, including its land use policy, represented an advanced outpost of an organized international movement. Today, that movement, called Local Agenda 21 and/or Sustainable Development, is the policy of every County in the country.
Today, his interest is in working to expose the most advanced Agenda 21 program ever initiated in America – The “One Bay Area” plan and its Regional creator ABAG.
He is a founder of   Freedom, which is a foremost site in addressing the nature of the American experience and the greatest threat our nation has ever faced – Agenda 21.
Michael CoffmanDr. Coffman is currently President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), and Executive Director of Sovereignty International. EPI focuses on providing professional guidance and training in defining environmental problems and solutions based on Judeo-Christian principles of stewardship as contrasted with pantheistically-based environ-mentalism. Sovereignty International helps many different organizations to bring a positive message of how national sovereignty, free market enterprise, private property rights, and traditional values are superior to the global treaties and agreements leading to global governance proposed by the United Nations in September, 2000.

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