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President Donald J. Trump was elected in 2016 as a Populist small r – Republican outsider willing to take on the corrupt politicians and bureaucratic Deep State on behalf of the American people. He was hated almost equally by the establishment insiders of both parties because he truly believed in America First and threatened to “drain the swamp” that represented the more than century long drift in the institutions of America that threatened to end the American dream.

We had morphed from the Founders vision of a constitutional republic under rule of law……… a democratic republic under rule by popularly elected strong political leaders…………to a socialist democracy under rule by politicians and activist Judges pre-selected by the very wealthy in banking, academia, and industry………… a Marxist technocracy represented by sold out elected officials owned by special interest money, deep state bureaucrats elected by no-one, and ultra wealthy banking and corporate elites pulling the strings on everyone. This final phase in the American story was intended to guide us into plutocratic global governance under a Marxist/technocratic/control grid system, distinctly anti-American and very totalitarian in nature. The destruction of America as a sovereign republic had been moving on a nearly straight line for over 100 years and the 2016 election of Hillary Rodham Clinton was to be final nail in the American coffin of national sovereignty.

Little did the controlled media, Marxist academics, international special interest groups, and multinational corporate insiders truly understand the disgust that average Americans had for them and the corrupt politicians that were handing the keys to the kingdom to the corporate fascists and international communists. Many concerned Americans were finally realizing how deep and total the corruption went to the heart of America and how very close we were to national destruction. This bleeding of America by a thousand cuts had to be stopped! With a field of hand picked political insiders dominating the Republican field of Primary Candidates, candidate Donald J. Trump stood out as a refreshing change to Republican politics as usual and went on to defeat all his opponents including Hillary Clinton despite overwhelming odds. An America First populist billionaire with no prior political office, and no associated history as a political insider, he spoke in terms that resonated with average Americans. He had so much money that he couldn't be bought, and actually promised to Make America Great Again because he believed in American greatness. He made no apologies for America, understanding that part of our greatness was our goodness as a Judeo-Christian people and how history had shaped us because of our desire to improve society and do good things for our families and friends as a society of free people.

One way or the other the deep state forces aligned against President Trump intend to destroy him before the 2020 election. Can they pull it off, or will Mr. Trump continue to confound and expose them as the traitors they are? Will America survive the fight for our very soul? Join us and decide whether America can be great again.

John Michael Chambers – is an Author, Speaker, and National Media Commentator. He is also the Chairman of the Sarasota Patriots for Trump group. John was the Founder of the Save America Foundation, a 501(c)(4) not for profit. He was awarded the Businessman of the Year Award for the state of Colorado by the Presidential Business Advisory Council of Washington DC in 2004 & 2005 .

John is a patriot who loves his country and serves humanity as a voice for liberty having organized group meetings, roundtables and large scale conventions across the country on patriotic platforms. Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC and many on-line media platforms including talk radio throughout the country, John has dedicated much of his time and resources over the past two decades, often at great sacrifice, sharing insightful and empowering information to help keep freedom alive. He is a registered Republican with a decidedly Libertarian/Populist bent, and thus an avid supporter of President Trump. He has authored seven books to date and is a prolific transformational author willing to challenge even the most awakened reader. His latest book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, was Nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. He has also written nearly four-hundred articles to date that can be found on his website:

To date John has spoken publicly in dozens of cities, eight states and three countries where he addresses the impact of globalization and the changes and challenges facing not only Americans, but all of humanity. His speech covers the most critical political and economic issues of the day as President Trump takes on the Deep State. He also hosts a daily podcast “News Behind The News” providing Deep State, geopolitical, political, and economic commentary and analysis for a real news starved America. John is also a sought after commentator for media platforms on television, radio, YouTube, and internet video platforms, engaging and captivating audiences on current issues of our time.

He retired in 2008 as a successful financial advisor, with a total of six independent offices in three states and currently serves as a “Wealth Strategist” and coach, providing independent non-biased commentary and analysis. “A great change is now underway, the time for action is now” says Chambers.

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