Understanding the Russia/Ukraine conflict requires serious research and an understanding of 400+ years of Russian history.

The war in Ukraine as reported by the downstream media paints Putin as genocidal murderer, hell bent on killing as many innocent Ukrainians as possible in a very irrational way.

According to many Ukraine pundits, we are to ignore the events of the past 3+ decades since the fall of the USSR, and the role they may have played in Putin's decision to invade Ukraine.

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Guest: Mike King – Investigative Journalist & Author of
The Bad War and over 20 other M S King Books
The Real History Channel: M S King Website

The saying that you can judge your enemies by their choice of friends also plays the other way.  As a matter of fact, when looking at heros and villians accorded that status by the mockingbird media and our own duly “selected” political leaders, it often appears that the definitions of hero and villian have been reversed.

And, since the fall of the USSR in 1991, the pledges of U.S. diplomats and elected leaders are about as reliable as a 1960 Yugo……. ….not very.

In 1991 Boris Yeltsen was given assurances by then US President George HW Bush and State Department Officials that there would be no NATO expansion into former Soviet territories, which seems to fly in the face of non-stop attempts at NATO expansion, almost from day one I have been doing a lot of reading and research into the causes of the Russia Ukraine conflict, and everywhere I look, I see the fingerprints of the CIA, International Central Banks, and U.S. political hacks on everything.

Even pro-Ukraine pundits admit to massive U.S. interference in Russia-Ukraine internal relations, from CIA rigged elections, to money laundering, human trafficking, bio weapons labs, stolen Russian natural gas, & coups against pro-Russian elected political leaders.

Add the numerous attacks and murders carried out against civilians in the highly industrial and pro-Russian separatist Eastern Provinces and Crimea by Ukraine Militia groups, and Putin starts to appear the most rational leader of the bunch.  At least he is trying to protect the interests of the Russian people, unlike the globalist jerks leading our country.

If there is a valuable lesson to be learned from decades of political manipulation and propaganda, it is to always “follow the money” when looking for motive.

According to all accounts, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, stealing nearly a third of all the natural gas being pipelined across the country by Russia.

Nordstream I & II were pipelines installed on the floor the North Sea to end the outrageous amount of natural gas being siphoned off by Ukraine and resold on the black market.

Has the United States been intentionally pulling the Tiger's tail by corrupting and manipulating the political process in Ukraine and in other former territories of the Russians?

And what about a reported 40+ U.S. sponsored bio-weapons labs doing research on Russia DNA in territory that has never been legally annexed from the Russian Federation?

Was DARPA funding an entire bio-weapons industry in Ukraine that's illegal under international treaty and for that reason couldn't operate within the United States?

Is the Biden crime family inexorably linked to shady financial shenanegans in Ukraine that are about to be exposed?

What about Hunter Biden's cushy position with Burisma Holdings, and Papa Joe's video bragging about his role in firing the Ukrainian Prosecutor?

Is this becoming too big a story for the downstream media to continually repackage as Russian disinformation?

The saying goes that a fish rots from the head down. Something stinks like it's rotting from the head down in Ukraine and it smells a lot more like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, Bush and DARPA than Putin.

I know that there are many patriotic people around the world that want to believe that poor little Ukraine is fighting for it's life against the big bad wolf called Vladimir Putin.  If that were really the whole story, I would be the first to support Ukraine.

This tragic episode of world history is, like so many other tragic episodes, a chronology of political mis-steps and misdeeds by corrupt politicians that like nothing better than innocents paying the price for their corrupt acts.

Our “Great Leader” in the District of Criminals is working frantically to cover up numerous financial shenanegans and DARPA funded clandestine bio-weapons labs in a key territory of the former Soviet Union.

Before we jump headlong into another false flag military operation that could blow up in our faces, wouldn't it be wise to look at all the facts before making such a momentous decision?

China Joe Obiden has America involved in an ongoing proxy war against Russia that has cost our taxpayers at least $100 billion dollars thus far while sucking us into another World War.

I suffer no delusions that Vladimir Putin is the “second coming”, here to bring eternal peace to mankind; but I do see him as a nationalistic leader with a strong sense of personal responsibility to protect the Russian people. Putin is certainly no fool…………..unlike much current American leadership. Might we be so lucky to have someone in our current leadership this dedicated to “American interests”.

During one of my 2016 podcasts, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Undersecretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, broke a story of US funded, gene specific, bio-weapons being developed by the DOD under DARPA to target the 100+ ethnic groups making up the Russian population.

Roberts warned that this move could lead to WW3 if not stopped immediately…….which it wasn't.  Can we really blame Putin for invading Ukraine and taking out military targets threatening his people.  Most of us would do the same.

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