Although Barack Hussein Obama is often quoted for his mission to “fundamental transform” America, few people really understood the true meaning of that statement, or what America would become as a consequence of that “fundamental transformation”. In truth, America has been experiencing a fundamental transformation from its start as a constitutional republic to the current socialist technocracy for nearly 200 years, with Presidents from both major political parties playing their part in making this fundamental transformation happen.

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Most presidents for the past 100 + years believed in America, but many were globalists to the core, with some having the Evangelical attitude of transforming the world to be more like America. Several presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt & Lyndon Johnson were ardent socialists, but believed that America would thrive under their particular brand of socialism.  They all had the good fortune to be president at a time when America was still prosperous and had not yet suffered the consequences of unlimited debt and borrowing against the prosperity of future generations; a natural consequence of socialist policies.

Toward the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Century that all began to change. The era of big government and big debt came into its own during this timeframe as a consequence of a new generation of political operatives completely immersed in the Marxist vision of Ivy League academics trained by the Frankfurt School at Columbia University.  The hero of Frankfurt School academics is Karl Marx and his utopian visions outlined in The Communist Manifesto & Das Capital. It is of no consequence to Marxist theorists that everything about Marxism has failed every time it is implemented.

The single biggest impediment to a Marxist/communist/ technocratic world has always been the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights based on individualism and personal responsibility…….a concept that has consistently challenged collectivist thinking.  Their answer to this conundrum is to destroy free markets and individual liberty so that there no longer exists an alternative to the collectivist thinking that creates universal poverty for everyone except the Power Elites and their useful idiots in government, lamestream media, and academia.

The election of populist President Donald J. Trump in 2016 threw a monkey wrench in the progressive socialist workings of the Demican/Republicrat political class that were within a few years of achieving their goal of a One-World socialist government. Barack Obama had put the last of the elements in place, and Hillary Clinton was to be the chosen one to close the lid for the New World Order Pandora's Box……………….then Trump happened.

President Trump was demonized by both the progressive Republicans and Democrats as he attempted to transition America back into an America First mindset and diminish the Deep State strangle hold of America through mainstream media, academia and the administrative state that was clearly steering the country.  Average Americans had been gradually awakening to the meaning of progressivism and manged to elect Trump in 2016 despite massive voter fraud… the consternation of the DC Deep State Swamp.

Although Donald Trump seems to have had an almost insurmountable hill to climb and monumentally bad advice from many of his trusted subordinates during most of his first term, he was again destined to prevail with an overwhelming electoral landslide in 2020, before the most ham-handed election theft in world history was shoved down the throats of conservative Americans. The residential selection of Sleepy Joe Biden by deep state operatives through massive voter fraud, computerized voting machine algorithms, and communist Chinese computerized vote flippers only happened when all pretense of legitimacy was universally thrown out the window and the “swamp” was given a massive infusion of progressive raw sewage.

Covid-19 scares and the lockdowns that occurred all over the world now appear to be part of the much bigger plan to “fundamentally transform” not only America, but all of humanity to a universal socialism with cradle to grave control of every aspect of our lives.  Although the actual numbers don't seem to bear out the cause for fear, there are still useful idiots in massive numbers that will go along with anything they are told, and the universal vaccination of humanity seems to be well on its way to 75% coverage by years end. Although there appear to be many reasons to avoid untested vaccines, government is hard selling the populace on the idea that avoiding the jab is irresponsible and selfish.

With over 10,000 deaths reported worldwide of otherwise healthy individuals from the Covid vaccines, there is cause for concern that more testing is needed, and that something is very wrong with the lockstep dedication by governments to forced vaccinations for anyone wishing to travel and conduct normal human interactions including shopping and going to work

How is forced vaccination, the Marxist “fundamental transformation” and the IMF's Great Reset all clearly part of a much bigger plan by the Power Elite to control and eventually cull “undesirables” from humanity ?

Celeste SolumCeleste Solum – is an author, and former FEMA employee and whistleblower.  She is chronicling the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies.  Cycles are currently converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.  What is an extinction level event?  How did ancient man survive?  Find out who lived and died during these last extinctions.  How does one prepare for catastrophes of biblical proportion?

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Kate Allison ShemiraniKate Allison Shemirani – is a registered general nurse.  She trained in 1984 and has a vast range of nursing experience, specializing in surgical areas, accidents and emergencies and NHS Direct.

Kate trained in aesthetics at a prestigious Harley Street clinic in London.  She now works as an aesthetic practitioner offering highly skilled and professional bespoke services to meet each client’s needs and desires.

She is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, a member of the Royal College of Nursing and the British Association of cosmetic nurses.  She is an expert on alternative medicine in the treatment of various forms of cancer, herself being the successful survivor of breast cancer using a technique known as Gerson Therapy.  She lobbies extensively for better living through diet, lifestyle and environmental choices that promote naturally good health.

She has become an activist and outspoken critic of the forced vaccination mandates that are being implemented worldwide on healthy asymptomatic individuals using inadequately tested vaccines.

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