Tomorrow morning we will be doing a 2 part broadcast with the first hour spent with Canadian political analyst, author and former leader of the Canadian Libertarian Party,  Dennis Young .  Dennis is the author of A Henchman’s Honor, an autobiographical novel about his experiences in the Canadian Army in security and law enforcement roles in Canada and as part of NATO Operations in Bosnia.  His experiences need to be shared with every liberty loving person who care about the future of humanity.

My second guest will be retired Army Officer and Radio Producer, Bob Barnet to talk about the importance of the alternative media and Liberty Radio Networks in a world of fake news establishment media hacks that have spent the last 40 years promoting globalism and radical environmentalism that threatens the future of America.

Dennis Young is the former leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada. He has spent 12 years in the army as an infantryman, MP and intelligence operator. He conducted counter intelligence operations against the Russians and Cubans shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and in 1996 he worked on a program that recruited former Bosnian soldiers into the ranks of al-qaeda. He is the author of A Henchman’s Honor, a book that details his challenging and often shocking journey that reveals the truth about the American power structure and its ultimate goals.


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