Feminism and Women’s Liberation has become the new normal in American social culture over the past 50 years with the resulting destruction of the traditional American family challenging the future of American exceptionalism.  Joseph Stalin identified ways to destroy America:  “America is like a healthy body and it’s resistance is threefold: it’s patriotism, it’s morality, and it’s spiritual life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

The destruction of the traditional family is central to the communist plan of world government and cannot be accomplished without a change in the role of women as mothers, wives and nurturers.  Feminism and Women’s Liberation attack the core values of traditional marriage and the make career much more important than family.  Western Europe and American culture is dying because we no longer have fertility rates that replace our populations without massive immigration by cultures that do not share our values.  Tom Ertl will tell you how these threats can be addressed and how

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews. Tom is a book publisher  and owns Zurich Publishing,  a publisher of  Christian publications that emphasize the Reformation movement and the role of  Reformed Theological Seminaries in the Christian faith.

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